Home 'Hermanos' and Tesla: while Brazil fights with Elon Musk, Argentina presents a surreal proposal with tax benefits and could be the billionaire's next destination!

'Hermanos' and Tesla: while Brazil fights with Elon Musk, Argentina presents a surreal proposal with tax benefits and could be the billionaire's next destination!

24 April 2024 10 gies: 51
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Elon musk-Argentina- tesla- tax
photoqreproduction: cnnbrasil

The city of Zárate proposes tax exemption for 10 years for electric car manufacturers and Elon Musk is interested!

According to motor1, after a meeting between the Argentine president Javier Milei and the businessman Elon Musk our United States, the city of ZárateAt Argentina, is offering tax benefits to the automaker Tesla. The goal? Install an electric car factory in this district, located north of the province of Buenos Aires.

The proposal was made by the mayor Marcelo Matzkin, who sent a direct invitation to Musk: “In Zárate, Argentina, any company that wishes to establish itself to produce electric vehicles, its auto parts and charging infrastructure, will not pay taxes for 10 years. We are waiting for you, Elon Musk. We have the best location and incredible cuisine”, said Matzkin. The only condition imposed is that the automaker hires 75% local labor.

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Image: By: Argentina
Translated by: Thiago Moreno

Zárate: A growing automotive hub

Zárate already houses two other factories automobiles: toyota argentina, which has been operating for 26 years, and Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Buses, which is under construction and plans to start production in early 2026. Now, the city is looking to expand its presence in the automotive sector, attracting the giant Tesla. The offer of tax incentives aims not only to strengthen the local economy, but also to position Zárate as a hub for innovation and sustainability.

Potential for all of Latin America

Milei's advisor, Carlos Ruckauf, revealed that the Tesla could install an electric vehicle factory in Zárate to supply the entire Latin America, as long as the Argentine Congress approves the Electromobility Law, which has been stagnant for months in the neighboring country. This initiative could boost the regional automotive industry, aligning with global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable mobility.

First face to face meeting

the meeting between milei e Musk, who had already spoken on the phone in recent months, marks a crucial moment. In March, Musk announced the arrival of Starlink to Argentina, providing satellite internet service in areas with low conventional network coverage. Now, the possibility of a Tesla factory in the South American country opens new perspectives for the automotive industry and strengthens ties between Argentina and the United States.

Elon musk-Argentina- tesla- tax
photo/reproduction: social networks

And is it worth it for Argentina?

Therefore, Elon Musk, known for its innovations and futuristic vision, you can find in Argentina a unique opportunity to expand Tesla's presence in Latin America. Therefore, with tax incentives and a strategic location, Zárate presents itself as a promising destination for the Tesla factory. The ball is now in Musk's court, as Argentina eagerly awaits the visionary businessman's response.

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