Home Challenges of the energy transition and the sustainable economy in focus at ESG Energy and Business

Challenges of the energy transition and the sustainable economy in focus at ESG Energy and Business

2 April 2024 18 gies: 36
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challenges of the energy transition
Photo: Rodrigo Dutra

Registration begins today for the influential event that highlights the energy transition and sustainable economy

The second edition of ESG Energy and Business promises to be a landmark for professionals and those interested in the energy sector, with a special focus on sustainable economy and in investment strategies to reduce financial risks. Scheduled for May 27th and 28th at the Fairmont Hotel, in Rio de Janeiro, the event is an initiative of the Brazilian Petroleum and Gas Institute (IBP) and will bring vital discussions about how oil production practices ESG (environmental, social and governance) directly influence the cost of capital of corporations.

Investment strategies and financial risk reduction

At the forefront of discussions will be the challenges of implementing ESG effective, which not only contribute to environmental sustainability, but which are also essential for the financial viability of companies in the energy sector. Participants will explore how a lack of initiatives in diversity and inclusion, ethics, compliance and a commitment to reducing climate change can significantly increase the cost of capital in the private sector. With registration now open, the event offers a unique opportunity to update, learn and network about the main trends and innovations surrounding the energy transition and sustainable economy.

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Innovations and debates on sustainability

One of the most anticipated sessions is the round table with rating agencies, which will discuss the classification of assets from an ESG perspective, and the approach to the Sustainable Taxonomy, which seeks to identify sustainable economic activities and financial assets. Another highlight will be the debate on decarbonization initiatives, including carbon capture and storage (CCUS) projects, in addition to legislative discussions on offshore wind energy generation and the carbon market in Brazil.

The event's green agenda also promises valuable insights, with analyzes on Mission 1.5, aiming at the ambition of the Paris Agreement, and the prospects for COP 30, to be held in Belém, in 2025. Studies will be presented on the impact of production of oil and gas in greenhouse gas emissions, highlighting the crucial role of innovation and female empowerment in the sector.

The president of IBP, Roberto Ardenghy, highlights the importance of the event as a platform for dialogue and exchange of ideas, underlining the sector's commitment to decarbonisation and a fair energy transition. With a great expectation of participation, after the success of the first edition, which brought together more than 900 participants and 146 speakers, the ESG Energy and Business is established as an unmissable event for anyone seeking to understand and influence the future of sustainable economy in the context of energy transition.

Through enriching debates and the exchange of knowledge about investment strategies, financial risk reduction, and the strengthening of ESG, the event aims to be a catalyst for significant and positive changes in the energy sector, aligning business with sustainable development.


Rodrigo Dutra

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