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Cimed announces new factory in Minas Gerais, generating new job vacancies in the state

Written by Ruth Rodrigues
Published 26/05/2024 às 15:49
Cimed announces factory expansion in Minas Gerais with an increase in the manufacturing plant and a new unit, promising to boost the local economy and create jobs.
Photo: CIMED

Cimed announces expansion in Minas Gerais. The initiative includes an increase in the factory in Pouso Alegre and a new unit, promising to boost the local economy and create jobs.

On Wednesday (15/05), during Brazilian Week, an event that brought together Brazilian businesspeople and authorities in New York, the governor of Minas Gerais, Romeu Zema, met with the CEO of the Cimed group, João Adibe Marques, to announce news that promises to boost the state's economy. Cimed, Brazil's third largest pharmaceutical company in terms of sales volume, confirmed the expansion of its factory in Minas Gerais, generating new jobs and strengthening its presence in the state.

Government and private sector together for the economic development of Minas Gerais

“Our trip to the United States is already bringing great results for Minas. The good news comes from the CEO of Cimed, João Marques, who takes advantage of the great changes that have been taking place in Minas Gerais in reducing bureaucracy and simplifying the lives of those who undertake to invest once again in our state”, declared Zema.

The governor highlighted the importance of the trust that companies like Cimed place in government actions, stating that such partnerships are crucial for the economic development of Minas Gerais.

João Adibe Marques, CEO of the Cimed group, detailed the expansion plans, mentioning that the initiative includes increasing factory already existing in Pouso Alegre, in addition to the creation of a new unit in a location to be defined in the coming days.

“This initiative reinforces our long-standing alliance and commitment with the State of Minas Gerais, which began more than two decades ago with the implementation of our first manufacturing plant in Pouso Alegre. Last year, we opened another unit in the same city and, now, in addition to expanding our existing structure there, we will have a new operation in the state in a location that will be defined in the coming days. This initiative’s main objective is to bring more growth and agility to our process”, explained Marques.

New Cimed factory will be focused on hygiene and beauty production

The new factory will be mainly focused on the production of hygiene and beauty products, while medicine production will continue in Pouso Alegre, with improvements to the infrastructure for storing raw materials and finished products.

With these expansions, Cimed hopes to not only increase its production capacity, but also generate new jobs, contributing significantly to the local economy.

Cimed's announcement highlights the importance of policies to reduce bureaucracy and encourage entrepreneurship implemented by the government of Minas Gerais, which aim to attract and maintain investments in the state.

The expansion of Cimed's operations is an example of how these policies can bring concrete benefits, promoting economic growth and job creation.

The formula for success in Minas Gerais

This new phase of Cimed in Minas Gerais reaffirms the state's position as a strategic hub for the pharmaceutical industry, demonstrating the potential for development and innovation that the region offers.

With the expansion of factories, the expectation is that Minas Gerais will continue to attract significant investments, strengthening its economy and improving the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Brazilian Week remains an important event to strengthen ties between businesspeople and authorities, promoting discussions about economic scenarios and investment opportunities.

The participation of companies like Cimed and government support are fundamental to the success of these initiatives and to the sustainable development of Brazil.

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Source: Cimed

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