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Do you dream of working and living outside Brazil? United Kingdom offers special visa for Brazilians; see how to get yours

Written by Ruth Rodrigues
Published 20/06/2024 às 20:15
Brazilians seek better opportunities in the United Kingdom, attracted by favorable immigration policies and special visa programs.
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Brazilians seek better opportunities in the United Kingdom, attracted by favorable immigration policies and visa programs for highly qualified professionals, such as the Highly Skilled Migrant Program (HSMP).

With the incessant search for better career opportunities, competitive salaries and a superior quality of life, many Brazilians have turned their eyes abroad. Among the most sought after destinations, the United Kingdom stands out not only for its favorable immigration policies, but also for its receptivity to highly qualified professionals. The employment relationship becomes an attractive path for these professionals, especially with the visa programs offered by the British government.

The visa program for highly skilled workers

In recent times, the United Kingdom has facilitated the immigration of Brazilians and other qualified foreigners through the program Highly Skilled Migrant Program (HSMP).

This program is an entry point for professionals who have a high level of qualifications and wish to build a career in the United Kingdom.

Francine Mendonça, founder and executive director of LondonHelp4U, a company specializing in immigration services, explains that the HSMP offers several categories of visas, each adapted to different professional profiles and objectives.

Visa categories and requirements

The HSMP includes options such as the Innovator Visa and the Expansion Business Visa.

The Innovator Visa is ideal for those who have an innovative business idea and want to open their own company in the UK.

The Expansion Business Visa allows Brazilian businesspeople to take their companies to open branches in the country.

Both categories require an intermediate level of English, proven through the IELTS proficiency test.

In addition, the British government lists several qualified occupations that benefit from this type of visa, including management positions in areas such as manufacturing, finance, marketing, communications and human resources.

Francine Mendonça highlights the importance of a well-conducted and safe process, highlighting that LondonHelp4U offers complete support from application to obtaining the visa, ensuring a smoother transition for candidates.

Why live and work in the UK?

Living in the UK is a common goal not only for Brazilians, but for people from all over the world looking for better opportunities.

However, the change involves a series of important preparations.

In addition to obtaining the correct visa, which varies depending on the purpose of the stay, it is necessary to prepare documents such as a valid passport, proof of income and residence, and travel insurance.

Checking with the British Embassy for up-to-date details and starting the process early are crucial steps.

Financial planning for the transition is also essential. This includes understanding the cost of living in the UK, creating a detailed budget and saving in advance to avoid setbacks.

Choosing where to live in the UK must consider factors such as cost of living, transport and local services. Real estate portals can make this choice easier.

Additionally, familiarizing yourself with the British healthcare system, the NHS, ensures access to necessary medical care after the move.

Working in the United Kingdom represents a valuable opportunity for Brazilians looking for professional and personal growth.

With visa programs aimed at highly qualified professionals, the country opens its doors to those who wish to contribute their skills and knowledge.

Companies like LondonHelp4U play a fundamental role in this process, offering the necessary support for Brazilians to realize their dream of living and working in the United Kingdom in a safe and efficient way.

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Source: Enjoy London

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