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End of Chevrolet Montana: Volkswagen will launch and PRODUCE IN BRAZIL a new compact 1.5 turbo 4-cylinder pickup truck. Meet Tarok!

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 29/05/2024 às 08:44
Volkswagen, Volkswagen Tarok, Pickup, Hybrid
Photo: Planet Cars

With innovative design and hybrid technology, the new Volkswagen Tarok pickup promises to revolutionize the Brazilian market

Volkswagen has finally confirmed the launch of the new Volkswagen Tarok compact pickup in Brazil, a direct competitor of Fiat Toro and Chevrolet Montana. This ad is part of a investment of more than R$7 billion that the German automaker will allocate to Brazil by 2028. With several information recently leaked, the model promises to shake up the Brazilian market.

Design and platform

The Volkswagen Tarok will keep the name of the concept car presented at the Motor Show in São Paulo in 2018. Unlike the initial concept that used the original MQB platform, the production version will be based on the MQB 0 platform, the same as the T-Cross compact SUV. This change aims to reduce production costs, making the pickup more accessible to the consumer.

Photo: Autoesporte

The new pickup truck will be produced at the São José dos Pinhais factory, in Paraná, and not in Argentina as initially suggested. This decision reinforces Volkswagen's strategy of investing in local production, strengthening its presence in the Brazilian market.

Style and functionality

In terms of design, Tarok will bring a very similar look to the concept car, including a Full LED optical assembly on the front and rear, 18-inch wheels and innovative modularity in the bucket, which can extend into the cabin, increasing space for transporting larger loads.

Technology and equipment

Tarok will be equipped with several modern technologies, including:

Beats premium sound system

  • In-person key
  • 10-inch configurable digital panel
  • Induction cell phone charging
  • Digital climate control with touch controls
  • VW Play 10-inch multimedia with wireless connectivity for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
Photo: Carblog

In terms of safety, the pickup will feature:

  • Adaptive cruise control (ACC)
  • collision alert
  • license plate reader
  • Blind spot warning
  • Autonomous emergency braking
  • Lane Correction Assistant
  • Automatic high-intensity headlights

Volkswagen Tarok hybrid powertrain

One of the great new features of the Volkswagen Tarok is the hybrid engine. Tarok will be equipped with a 1.5 Turbo four-cylinder engine, known as Evo 2, which offers greater efficiency and fuel savings. This engine will be flex-fuel and can operate on ethanol, in addition to having a more durable control chain.

The Tarok will have several hybrid configurations, including mild hybrid versions with a 48V battery and plug-in hybrid options that can generate up to 245 combined horsepower. This diversification will allow Volkswagen to offer the pickup in different price ranges, from more accessible combustion versions and mild hybrids starting at R$160.000, up to more powerful plug-in hybrid versions that can reach R$220.000.

Impact on the Brazilian market

With production confirmed and release forecast for 2025, the Volkswagen Tarok promises to be one of the most innovative and efficient pickup trucks on the Brazilian market. Its hybrid flex set, combined with a modern design and a wide range of technologies, should place it in a prominent position, offering a sophisticated and technological alternative to current pickup trucks.

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