Home IFMG offers more than 100 quick courses, 100% online and with guaranteed certificate, don't miss this chance and qualify!

IFMG offers more than 100 quick courses, 100% online and with guaranteed certificate, don't miss this chance and qualify!

22 April 2024 14 gies: 53
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ifmg-free course- qualification
photo/reproduction: ifmg

Access to quality education: IFMG opens vacancies for more than 100 free online courses! See which courses are available!

The Federal Institute of Minas Gerais (IFMG) is a higher education institution that stands out for its excellence in education, research and extension. With a wide range of courses technical, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and free courses, IFMG is recognized for promoting the comprehensive training of its students, preparing them for the challenges of the job market and for civic activity. Furthermore, the IFMG contributes significantly to regional development through technological innovation projects and partnerships with the production sector, according to catracalivre.

In a commendable initiative, the Federal Institute of Minas Gerais (IFMG) offers a golden opportunity for those looking to improve their skills and knowledge. Over 100 free courses available, IFMG stands out as a beacon of professional qualification, thus illuminating the path to success for students and professionals. These courses are offered in a variety of areas, ensuring there is something for everyone, regardless of their interests or career stage.

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Expansion of knowledge through distance education

In this way, IFMG adopted distance education (EaD) to make learning accessible to a greater number of people. Therefore, with the flexibility of online courses, students can study at their own pace and according to their own schedule, overcoming geographical and temporal barriers. Thus, this teaching modality has proven to be a powerful tool in disseminating knowledge and promoting educational inclusion.

Certification, qualification and recognition in the job market

Upon completing a course at IFMG, students receive a certificate that is a springboard for new job opportunities and professional growth. Without a doubt, this certification is a testimony to the skills acquired and the student's commitment to continuous development, being highly valued by employers.

IFMG offers 925 places in free courses for residents of the East of Minas Gerais
Photo: IFMG/Disclosure

Courses aligned with market demands

Courses carefully designed to meet the current needs of the job market. Developed by experts and reflect the trends and requirements of various industries, preparing students to face the challenges of professional world with confidence and competence.

Here are 20 course options that are in high demand and available on the IFMG platform:

  • Inclusive Education: Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Technologies in Education: Distance Learning Teaching and Tutoring
  • Writing for ENEM
  • Good Work Safety Practices in Laboratories
  • Laboratory Assistant in Natural Sciences-Chemistry
  • Pharmacy Attendant – Clerk
  • Environmental Management and Sustainability
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Introduction to Computer Programming
  • Graphic Design for Beginners
  • Digital Marketing and Social Networks
  • Digital Photography: From Theory to Practice
  • English for business
  • Basic Spanish for Travel
  • Project Management: Fundamentals
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Information security
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Introduction to Big Data and Data Analysis
  • Communication and Oratory

Those courses are just the tip of the iceberg of what IFMG has to offer. Therefore, with such a diverse range of courses, the IFMG is committed to providing quality and accessible education. Therefore, the objective of IFMG is to qualify individuals to achieve their goals and contribute significantly to society.

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