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Labor shortage: Norway has more than 20 thousand vacancies for foreigners, including Brazilians, in areas such as chef, receptionist, driver, salesperson and much more

Written by Alisson Ficher
Published 20/06/2024 às 06:02
Vacancies for Brazilians in Norway. (Image: reproduction)
Vacancies for Brazilians in Norway. (Image: reproduction)

A first world country, Norway has job openings for foreigners, including Brazilians. There are opportunities in numerous positions and areas such as chef, receptionist, driver, salesperson and much more.

Working abroad is the desire of many Brazilians who are looking for new professional opportunities. Recently, Norway has stood out as one of the most promising destinations.

This is because the country has been facing a serious shortage of labor, which means that thousands of job vacancies in various sectors of the economy remain open.

Labor shortage in Norway

In recent years, Norway has faced a significant shortage of qualified professionals. Proof of this is that, according to a survey carried out by the Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration (NAV), approximately one in four companies in the country is struggling to find suitable workers to fill their needs, thus creating a substantial deficit between the talent supply and demand.

This labor shortage in Norway is not limited to a single sector, covering critical areas such as social services, healthcare, construction and education.

The lack of qualified professionals has been particularly reflected in daycare centers, where the lack of trained staff results in high rates of absenteeism and difficulties in finding replacements.

Open vacancies for foreigners

Because of this scenario, Norway is constantly recruiting foreign talent to fill gaps in the job market. This has resulted in the opening of thousands of opportunities in diverse areas, including child care, healthcare, engineering, information technology, education and more.

According to data from the EURES Network and other specialized sources, the main areas with growing demand for professionals include:

  • Management;
  • Engineering;
  • Information Technology;
  • Health;
  • Child education;
  • Construction;
  • Tourism;
  • And transportation.

Opportunities are distributed throughout the country, providing a dynamic and multicultural work environment for foreigners interested in new professional challenges.

For interested Brazilians

According to the information, for Brazilians If you plan to move to Norway, it is essential to understand the legal requirements and procedures for obtaining a residence visa.

Although many European countries allow Brazilians to enter without a visa for up to 90 days, staying for a longer period requires an official visa, which may require documents such as an invitation letter and proof of financial means.

Furthermore, to increase the chances of being hired, it is recommended that candidates master the local language, such as Norwegian, Danish or Swedish, depending on the region and area of ​​activity.

For areas such as technology, just fluent English may be enough. Furthermore, being well prepared with complete documentation and complying with health and immigration requirements are key to a smooth and legal transition to Norway.

First world country

In addition to job opportunities, Norway stands out for its high standard of living and welcoming culture for foreign professionals.

Because of this, with the labor crisis that persists and the continued demand for talent, the European country continues to be an attractive destination for those seeking a challenging and rewarding international career.

Where to find open positions in Norway

People interested in finding out more about job openings in Norway can check opportunities through reliable sources such as the EURES Network, from the European Union, the LinkedIn and the portal NAV considered excellent for finding information about job offers in the European country.

Other information is also available on the website of the Norwegian embassy in Brazil. Click here and access.

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