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Multinational Offshore hiring Electrical and Mechanical professionals

14 from 2018 from September to 10: 47
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Multinational Offshore hiring Electrical and Mechanical professionals

Multinational seeks professionals with experience in supervision of offshore rigs in the areas of Electrical and Mechanical

Company in the offshore sector is hiring experienced professionals, with skills and knowledge of generation 6 rigs in the areas of electrical and mechanical. To prove the experience, the candidates will have to present the work card containing the time of work in the function. Currently, Brazil has lost several contracts, causing the unemployment of several professionals in the sector. Let's see the vacancies and how to apply.

Head of Electrical

The electrical chief is responsible for proper recording of temporary and preliminary modifications. Maintenance and repair of all electrical equipment such as generators, alternators, engines and intercom system on board the ship. Accurately maintain logbooks, planned maintenance system and spare parts control. Participation in shipboard emergency and occupational training, such as the use of self-contained breathing apparatus, firefighting, man-overboard drills, lifeboat launching, safety drills and/or other training as applicable to the function.

Head of Mechanics 

The Chief of Mechanics has the basic responsibilities of organizing the execution of the vessel's Back Deck and maintenance, repairs, updates, installations, removals and modifications of the project's equipment. Assist the offshore manager to ensure that operations are carried out in an organized and controlled manner, in accordance with the company's requirements. Ensure that equipment technicians use appropriate PPE and safety equipment in the performance of their duties. Ensure applicable company and third-party equipment is operated and maintained in accordance with procedures.

If you are interested, please send your resume urgently to

Companies across the country continue to hire engineering professionals

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