Home New bladeless, aerodynamic turbine at a cell phone price, provides 50% more energy than solar panels and has an unlimited lifespan

New bladeless, aerodynamic turbine at a cell phone price, provides 50% more energy than solar panels and has an unlimited lifespan

17 April 2024 14 gies: 51
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Wind Power: Aerodynamic bladeless turbine (or propellers) is suitable in urban environments, does not threaten bird migration patterns, or wildlife. 

A new wind turbine without blades (propellers), patented by Aeromine Technologies, is facing the challenge of competing with rooftop solar energy as a local source of clean energy that can be integrated into the urban environment. The new wind turbine can produce 50% more energy than that from a solar panel at the same cost, the company said.

The technology takes advantage of aerodynamics similar to the airfoils on a racing car to capture and amplify the airflow from each building. The unit requires about 10% of the space required by solar panels and generates energy 24 hours a day.

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Watch the video below and see how to have wind energy at home with the same operation as large turbines!

A Aeromine said that, unlike conventional wind turbines (with blades), which are noisy, visually intrusive and dangerous for migrating birds, the patented system is immobile and virtually silent.

“It's very quiet, very safe and very cheap to build; you don't need any fancy material like carbon fiber, there's nothing special about the fan itself, and the whole thing falls apart for transport and a relatively simple construction process on site," the company said.

Wind turbines without blades (or propellers) are cheaper, stronger, safer and less intrusive

Aeromine has yet to name a default capability for its devices. But in a solution presented to the challenge AFWERX Reimagining Energy in January 2021, these units were rated for 5kW – very close to the output of a 21-panel home roof solar system.

Multiple units can, of course, be installed along the edge of a building, spaced about 4,6m apart, and each unit promises to generate around 14,3 MWh per year. Just for comparison purposes, a home solar system 6,5 kW rooftop produces around 9 MWh per year.

"Unlike ordinary wind turbines, the structure does not move and is more like a piece of the building than a wind turbine. For all practical purposes, there is no lifetime limitation. The mechanical moving parts are inside a duct protected from wind and weather, and are lightly loaded compared to other roof equipment such as ventilation fans, so they last much longer,” the company said.

It is worth mentioning that aerodynamic bladeless wind turbines are cheaper, stronger, safer and less intrusive than bladed wind farm designs, and offer a highly affordable way to introduce reliable wind energy into a distributed energy system.

Furthermore, combination of Aeromine with solar energy on the roof can locally generate up to 100% of a building's energy needs, while minimizing the need for energy storage.

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