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Solar energy reaches 3,6 GW in Brazil, according to ABSOLAR

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 29/09/2020 às 11:18
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According to the solar energy association – ABSolar, there are currently more than 300.000 distributed generation photovoltaic systems connected to the country's electrical grid.

The Brazilian solar association ABSolar carried out a study on distributed generation of grid-connected photovoltaic energy, which in Brazil includes all photovoltaic systems of size not exceeding 5 MW installed under the net metering regime. In total, there are more than 3,6 GW of installed distributed generation power from solar energy sources across the country, which represents more than 18,2 billion reais in accumulated investments since 2012 and more than 108 thousand jobs.

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According to the association, in number of installed systems, residential consumers lead, representing 72,5% of the total. This number is followed by companies in the trade and services sector (17,7%), rural consumers (6,8%), industries (2,6%), public sector (0,4%), public services (0,03%) and public lighting (0,01%).

In terms of installed power, consumers in the commerce and services sectors come first, with 39,1% of the installed power in the country, closely followed by residential consumers (38%), rural consumers (12,7%), industries (8,8%), public energy (1,2%) and other types, such as public services (0,1%) and public lighting (0,02%).

ABSolar claims that 162 new solar energy systems have been installed in various Brazilian regions

According to ABSolar, in the last 12 months around 162 new power generation systems were added in Brazil, which implies a growth of more than 130% compared to last year. In the quarter before the start of the pandemic, between the months of December and February, calls increased by more than 30% to 52.200.

“In the 2015 and 2016 crises, Brazil's GDP fell by around 3,5% a year, but the solar photovoltaic energy sector grew by more than 100% a year,” said Absolar's CEO, Rodrigo Sauaia.

“Now, after the most acute phase of the current pandemic, photovoltaic energy will once again boost Brazil's recovery. Photovoltaic energy will be part of the solution, both for our society and for the environment. ”

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