Home It is the best-selling car in Brazil: BYD Song Plus now has a surreal battery with double the capacity that reaches 1200 kilometers 

It is the best-selling car in Brazil: BYD Song Plus now has a surreal battery with double the capacity that reaches 1200 kilometers 

21 May 2024 to 17: 38
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best-selling car in Brazil, BYD, BYD Song, battery
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New Blade battery increases capacity and range of BYD Song hybrid SUV 

BYD Song Plus, the best-selling hybrid car in Brazil in 2024, has just received an update that promises to revolutionize o electrified vehicle market. The SUV, the best-selling car in Brazil, which is already one of the most sold on the planet, now has a new larger Blade battery, which doubles the capacity of the previous version, according to the Webmotors website.

Increased capacity and autonomy

The new 18,3 kW Blade battery in Brazil's best-selling car provides a significantly greater autonomy. In all-electric mode, the SUV can now travel up to 100 kilometers, compared to 50 kilometers in the previous version. This means that the Drivers can make more routes without the need to consume fossil fuel.

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In addition, the combined autonomy of BYD Song Plus has also increased. With the synergy between electric battery and combustion engine, the vehicle's total range increased from 1.074 to an impressive 1.200 kilometers. This advancement makes the SUV an even more attractive option for those looking for an efficient and sustainable car.

Few price changes on Brazil's best-selling car

Despite significant improvements, the price of the BYD Song Plus, the best-selling car in Brazil, has undergone few changes. Currently, the SUV can be purchased for R$ 239.800, remaining competitive in the hybrid and electric vehicle market.

In addition to the battery innovations, the BYD Song Plus maintains an extensive equipment package that makes it one of the most complete SUVs in its category. Among the main highlights of Brazil's best-selling car are:

  • Advanced Multimedia Center: With a 15,6-inch rotating screen, the largest in its category, the multimedia center offers full-HD resolution, integrated GPS and a 360° camera to assist with maneuvers.
  • Design and Internal Space: The SUV is 4,71 meters long, 19-inch wheels and a trunk with a capacity of up to 574 liters. With the rear seats folded down, the Cargo capacity increases to 1.477 liters.
  • Performance: The BYD Song Plus combines a 1.5 gasoline engine with an electric motor, totaling 235 hp. This set allows acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 8,3 seconds, rivaling many sports cars lighter.
Photo: BYD

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