Home Urgent: Caterpillar is putting huge 240 TON electric truck to work at Vale mine!

Urgent: Caterpillar is putting huge 240 TON electric truck to work at Vale mine!

21 May 2024 to 15: 15
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mine - electric truck - valley - caterpillar
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Vale and Caterpillar, an electrifying union is coming and there is nothing stopping them. Meet the CAT 793, the terror of the mines!

A OK, one of the world's largest producers of ore iron and nickel, is joining the Caterpillar to transform the mining industry in Brazil. The goal? Reduce carbon emissions and move towards a more sustainable future. In this article, we will explore how this partnership is driving the electrification of large trucks in Vale's mine operations, according to electrek.

240 ton electric trucks

Caterpillar is developing battery-electric off-road trucks, and Vale will be a pioneer in testing them. A unit with a capacity of 240 tons will be evaluated in Minas Gerais operations. These electric giants promise to significantly reduce CO2 emissions, contributing to Vale's ambitious goals of cutting 33% direct and indirect emissions by 2030.

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Ethanol: a promising alternative from Vale and Caterpillar

In addition to electric trucks, the partnership will also explore the use of ethanol as fuel. Brazil is already known for its widespread adoption of ethanol in Light vehicles, and now this expertise extends to mining trucks. Vale believes that ethanol has great potential to contribute to its decarbonization goals by 2030. With an established supply network, this alternative is a strategic choice.

benefits and challenges

Emissions reduction

Electric trucks and the use of ethanol represent a significant change in the industry. By replacing traditional diesel engines, Vale is reducing its carbon footprint. Therefore, this transition is essential to achieve sustainability goals and become a net zero company by 2050.

Technical challenges

Despite advances, there are still challenges to overcome. Electric trucks need to prove their efficiency in real mining conditions, while ethanol requires adequate infrastructure. However, the partnership between Vale and Caterpillar is driving innovation and paving the way for a cleaner, greener future.

mine - electric truck - valley - caterpillar
Photo: IA/Representation

Therefore, the collaboration between Vale and Caterpillar is transforming Brazilian mining. With electric trucks and the strategic use of ethanol, these companies are leading the way toward a more sustainable industry. So the green revolution in mining is just beginning, and Brazil is at the forefront of this change.


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