Home US Navy: New $9,5 Billion Columbia Class Submarine Will Boost Submerged Defense Capability with Undetectable Technology and Extended Nuclear Autonomy

US Navy: New $9,5 Billion Columbia Class Submarine Will Boost Submerged Defense Capability with Undetectable Technology and Extended Nuclear Autonomy

12 April 2024 14 gies: 27
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US Navy: New $9,5 Billion Columbia Class Submarine Will Boost Submerged Defense Capability with Undetectable Technology and Extended Nuclear Autonomy
Photo: Disclosure/MJ

The United States Navy is building the $9,5 Billion Columbia Class submarine, equipped with unlimited autonomy and Stealth technology, setting new standards in submarines.

The United States Navy has revealed details of its new Columbia-class submarine, a project valued at an astonishing $9,5 billion. Scheduled to be delivered in 2027, this giant of the seas promises to revolutionize maritime defense and global military strategy, according to data revealed by General Dynamics.

Being built by the renowned General Dynamics Electric Boat, the submarine stands out for its exceptional capabilities. Measuring 170 meters long and with a displacement of 21 tons, it was designed to operate almost undetectably and has nuclear propulsion that allows long periods submerged without the need to surface.

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United States Navy Columbia-Class Submarine

This engineering 'marvel' not only carries a powerful arsenal, including ballistic and nuclear missiles, but also offers living conditions comparable to a submerged city. The 155 crew members on board enjoy complete accommodation, including a dining room and an outpatient clinic, reinforcing the submarine's ability to remain on mission continuously for extended periods of time.

The design of the Columbia-class submarine includes advanced technologies that significantly reduce its detection by enemy radars, a crucial feature for survivability and effectiveness in a modern warfare environment. In addition to its primary function of nuclear deterrence, the submarine is equipped to carry out intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) operations, as well as special missions that strengthen the US strategic presence at sea.

Stealth technology, also known as stealth technology, refers to a variety of techniques used to make planes, ships, submarines, satellites, and missiles less visible (or invisible) to radar, infrared, sonar, and other electronic detection. The idea is to minimize detection and tracking by the enemy, thus increasing the operational effectiveness and survivability of the platform or weapon in hostile environments.

United States as one of the world leaders in military technology

This project not only reaffirms the United States' position as one of the world leaders in naval military technology, but also serves as a pillar for maintaining global peace and strategic stability. With geopolitical tensions rising, the Columbia-class submarine is poised to play a crucial role in defending American interests and those of its allies, ensuring a balance of power that discourages nuclear conflict.

The introduction of this submarine to the United States Navy's arsenal marks a significant moment in naval military history, promising to be a key element in the global defense chessboard for decades to come.

About General Dynamics Electric Boat

General Dynamics Electric Boat is one of the most renowned companies in the shipbuilding industry, especially known for its specialization in nuclear submarines for the United States Navy. Founded in 1899 as the Electric Boat Company, the company played a significant role in the evolution of submarines, building the world's first practical motor-propelled submarine, the USS Holland.

Headquartered in Groton, Connecticut, Electric Boat is a crucial division of defense industry giant General Dynamics. The company plays a vital role in the development and maintenance of the U.S. nuclear submarine fleet, including the famous Virginia-class submarines and now the new, advanced Columbia-class.

Over the years, General Dynamics Electric Boat has stood out for its technological innovation, build quality and ability to lead complex projects large scale. The company not only builds submarines, but also offers a broad spectrum of engineering, design, and maintenance services, ensuring that submarines maintain their operability and technological advances throughout their service lives.

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