Home Petrobras will not leave Macaé and will invest 19 billion in the Campos Basin

Petrobras will not leave Macaé and will invest 19 billion in the Campos Basin

28 March 2018 to 17: 58
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Macaé will continue to be the Capital of Petroleum: Petrobras affirmed yesterday

In an event that took place in the city on March 27 for oil and gas companies, Petrobras says that it will not leave the city and will still invest heavily in the infrastructure of the producing municipalities

Petrobras all doubts regarding the city of Macaé and the future of investments in the oil and gas chain in the city have just been answered, so fasten your seat belts and hold on to your emotions! She has just stated in an event that took place in the city that she will remain firm and strong in Macaé, in addition to a large investment of 19 billion reais in the Campos Basin, in which the municipality is inserted and the oil and gas sector. The ceremony took place at the Hotel Royal Palace Macaé, at “Repensar Macaé”, an event with the objective of looking for other economic alternatives in the city, in addition to the offshore sector

Sebastião Benedito Machado Martins, that the production manager for the Center-South part of the state-owned company states that 35% of the storage will remain in the municipality, in addition to highlighting how important the Cabiúnas unit is and the two thermoelectric plants located in the city that supply more than 2 million inhabitants if necessary, including the expansion of the Vale Azul II Thermoelectric, which you can send your resumes in the article here if you want.

Macaé is the nervous system of the Campos Basin

Event Rethink Macaé – Speakers

Sebastião says that the drop in production is something natural and foreseen for a long time, since oil is a finite resource, but despite that, Petrobras will not leave the city, not least because it has made several interesting discoveries in recent months, such as the pre- salt from Bacia de Campos, which shows great promise, and revitalization technologies, which will make the city one of the main producers for many years to come.

Nowadays, there are 4 Operational Units (OU's) of Petrobras, 2 in the Santos Basin and two in the Campos Basin, the idea is to balance the production in all, so that one does not produce much more than the others and with this reorganization , the assets of Marlim Leste and Sul will be on the route of the nervous system of Macaé and the units that will be responsible will be UO-RJ and UO-BC.

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