Home Get to know the 17 companies that acquired oil exploration blocks: Campos Basin was the most disputed at auctions

Get to know the 17 companies that acquired oil exploration blocks: Campos Basin was the most disputed at auctions

29 from 2017 from September to 06: 49
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The 14th round of oil exploration blocks yielded an extra R$3,84 billion

Petrobras and ExxoMobil acquired almost 90% of the Campos Basin and 17 companies acquired the remainder. Jobs and investments back!

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]At 14 pm round of exploration blocks of oil yielded an extra amount of R$ 3,84 billion, according to the ANP (National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels). In total, 17 companies acquire exploratory sites, of which 7 are from abroad. But two companies stood out in this bargain, Petrobras and ExxoMobil, which were responsible for almost 90% of the auctions, that is, R$ 3,6 billion in business, THIS IN THE CAMPOS BASIN!!!!

The ANP also adds that this was the most profitable oil auction in history, due to the favorable exchange rate difference. In the auction held in 2015, only 121 million in bonds were raised. In 2013, the record was BRL 2,8 billion, which was now broken on the 27th (Wednesday).

In this round, 287 blocks were offered in 9 oil basins throughout Brazil, with a combined area of ​​close to 123 km². However, only 37 of them were acquired and most received only one proposal. Campos Basin was the most disputed.

Campos Basin back in the game

As Click Petróleo e Gás previously mentioned, the Basin of greatest interest was Campos, so much so that it had the greatest collection and interest from companies. Petrobras and ExxoMobil acquired practically everything and now holds the concessions for these exploration fields. turns out that the revitalization of mature fields and the discovery of pre-salt in this region These are gold projects. Pedro Parente himself said that he already had valuable data about the Campos Basin, he just didn't disclose it in the media for strategic reasons.

Winning jobs and companies

For the common worker this means a very simple thing: The resumption of jobs and the recovery of the economy in the sector. Now is the time to go after it, qualify in the best way possible, don't count on luck, make your own! Here is the list of companies that will hire soon so you can start preparing:

GeoPark Brasil, Parnaíba Gás Natural SA, Australian Karoon, Petroil Oil and Gas Ltd, Chinese Tek Oil and Gas, Muncks Cranes, Petrobras, CNOOC Petroleum, Bertek, Imetame, Vipetro, Murphy and Exxonmobil, Queiroz Galvão, Greenconsult and Muncks & Reboques Brasil .

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