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Elon Musk worried? Tesla has already accumulated so many unsold cars that the vehicle 'graveyard' is visible from space

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 13/06/2024 às 07:14
Elon Musk worried? Tesla has already accumulated so many unsold cars that the vehicle 'graveyard' is visible from space
Photo: Unsold Tesla cars/Dall-e

Unsold Tesla cars fill yards, visible even from space by SpaceX, due to the drop in sales of Elon Musk's brand.

Tesla, a renowned electric vehicle manufacturer led by billionaire Elon Musk, is facing a challenging period with a drop in sales, despite maintaining production at a constant pace. As a result, large quantities of unsold vehicles are piling up on company yards. Can Tesla cars be seen from space? The number of electric vehicles that are not being distributed and remain parked are so numerous that they can be seen from space by SpaceX, another Musk company. The situation raises questions about the strategies Tesla will adopt to manage this excess inventory and how this will affect its operations in the future.

Unsold Tesla cars can be viewed via satellite

Elon Musk's company's electric vehicle sales have fallen significantly. The result is the company has a patrium full of cars that are seen by SpaceX from space.

A report by Sherwood brings satellite images captured in March 2024, which show how the city's parking lots Gigafactory from Elon Musk's company in Texas are considerably more full of unsold Tesla cars compared to October 2023.

The year 2024 has been challenging for the multinational, with worried investors and a slowdown in demand for electric cars, worsened by competition from cheaper alternatives, especially from China. Furthermore, Elon Musk's behavior has alienated potential buyers.

In parallel, the CEO has invested his time and attention on other fronts. A vote on his $56 billion compensation package, scheduled for this week, could determine Musk's future at Tesla.

Cars seen by SpaceX from space

The report mentioned above used satellite images and object detection analysis from SkyFi to take a look at Tesla's Gigafactory on the outskirts of Austin, Texas (USA) from above.

When comparing a Thursday in October last year with a Thursday in March this year, it is possible to notice that the parking lots highlighted in the images are more full of unsold Tesla cars. 

Courtyard of the Tesla factory, in Fremont, California, in an image taken by drone – Reproduction/Youtube

This year has been a “nightmare” for Elon Musk's brand, to the point that investors are afraid of what is to come. Musk stated that a new platform for the next generation of vehicles and a more affordable Tesla should only materialize in 2025.

Several factors are at play. For starters, automakers have noticed a slowdown in demand for all-electric vehicles. And there is a wave of cheaper alternatives, particularly from competitors in China, such as BYD.

Musk's temperament hinders Tesla sales, say investors

In addition to the cars seen by SpaceX from space and low sales, Elon Musk's temperament and behavior have alienated potential buyers, as highlighted by a group of investors. As if that weren't enough, the businessman has many other projects that take up his time and attention, from launching megarockets at SpaceX until fighting with ministers on X (formerly Twitter). 

Still talking about the billionaire, Tesla shareholders will vote, this week, on the US$56 billion compensation package, something close to the CEO's R$300 billion. And this vote could change the businessman's future at the company, at least that's what a recent letter from Tesla president Robyn Denholm indicates.

It is worth mentioning that Musk stated in a post on his X profile that Tesla will not launch a car Model Y updated in 2024. According to him, Tesla is continually improving its cars, so even a car that is six months newer will be a little better.

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