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Contractor just opened offshore jobs and base in Macaé

9 March 2018 to 11: 51
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Company contracting in 2018

The vacancies are for work in the area of ​​maintenance, control and planning for oil and gas activities in the Campos Basin.

Another wave of opportunities in the oil and gas production chain in the Campos Basin, which is getting stronger every day since the post-crisis period, despite still being far from ideal. Alphatec is one of those companies that practically every month opens selection processes as more operational demands arise, good for it that consolidates itself even more in this market and good for the local residents of the city of Macaé, in the sense of economic movement in the city.

Vacancies and how to apply

The company just released today (09/03/2018) another wave of opportunities in the company for the following functions:

  • Interns to work in the Engineering and Detailing area
  • N1 Paint Inspectors and N3 Offshore Climbers
  • Doormen to work in the Operational Surveillance area
  • Offshore Monitoring and Control Technicians
  • Senior Planning Technicians
  • Offshore Materials Technicians

If interested, send your resumes to, informing the opportunity name in the function. The company informs that all these opportunities are available for People with Special Needs. Alphatec is located in the city of Macaé, in Bairro Lagomar, next to the bus terminal in the neighborhood and a few kilometers from the Cabiúnas Petrochemical Complex. But there is no need to go to the company's door to take resumes, just by email.

offshore jobs at alphatec Macaé

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