Home Civil construction company starts colossal hiring in Rio de Janeiro for works

Civil construction company starts colossal hiring in Rio de Janeiro for works

20 November 2017 to 08: 47
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A contract recently signed at a civil construction firm in RJ initiates a selection process in all functions. AND NOW!

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]The civil construction segment, along with the oil and gas sector, is finally starting to revive, after all, one leads to the other, as economies and cultures are linked directly and indirectly. In one of the connections CLICK OIL AND GAS EXCLUSIVE, it was requested to attract workers to start major works in Rio de Janeiro in all functions. You see, it is the official publication of the company. In the print below, you can see:

Open vacancies are for Surface finisher, Carpenter's assistant, Construction master's assistant, Bricklayer's assistant, Assembler, Floor worker, Topography assistant, Technical building assistant, Tilemaker, Caulker, Real estate collector, Carpenter, Technical buyer, Construction supervisor, expeditor, drag operator, plumber, finishing foreman, civil construction foreman, asphalt mass foreman, works foreman, mason foreman, earthmoving foreman, general foreman, finishing foreman or supervisor, framing foreman or supervisor , Plasterer, Construction tinker, Technical construction manager, Plasterer, Installer of insulating material, Tiler, Marmorist, Construction foreman.

Scaffolding fitter, Iron frame fitter, Mosaic builder, Concrete mixer driver, Pump driver, Grader, Construction machine operator, Asphalt mix operator, Park worker, Pastiller, Bricklayer, Painter, Polisher, Raster, Pavement coater , Rigger, Construction worker, Driller, Land surveying technician, Building technician, Roofer, Surveyor, Tractor driver, Glazier.

To apply is very simple. Turn on page notifications on the “RED BELL symbol” on the side or in the popup (window) that will appear. Then send an email to e, Not forgetting to inform the listed function. If you want to check the official source of the publication, Click Here. People are saying that this company belongs to the UTC Engenharia group, which has now changed its name to win new contracts. They didn't answer us either “YES” or “NO” when asked about it.

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