Home Comperj – Pipeline company in Rio de Janeiro starts receiving applications

Comperj – Pipeline company in Rio de Janeiro starts receiving applications

13 July 2018 to 00: 40
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comperj ebse vacancies rio

EBSE manages to consolidate itself in Comperj to supply pipes and services and discloses the contacts for applications

Rio de Janeiro – EBSE Engenharia takes another successful step in the comperj and consolidates itself in the works of the project to supply fitting pipes (spools) and assembly services at the construction site. People who are there today reported the hiring phase, including disclosing the company's official contacts. On June 4th, we announced on our website EBSE's intention to take on this contract, which apparently was a complete success. Learn more about the company here.

Opportunities at EBSE

When asked about the vacancies available, she simply said: “send your resumes”, simply not specifying absolutely nothing about the positions. Taking into account the company's specialty, the basic functions of hiring should be to:

  • Welders
  • boilermakers
  • instrumentalists
  • Painters
  • inspectors
  • helpers
  • locksmiths
  • technicians
  • Engineers

This would be the most suitable list, in our judgment, but they may need it for other areas, as soon as we have detailed information, we will rectify this matter.

Interested and within the functions described above, please forward your qualifications to the address or informing in the subject of the message the name of the vacancies, years of experience and your current city and residence. It is worth noting that this process is not restricted to workers in the Conlest region, according to our information. Bearing in mind that Locar must also work on the project by launching the Route 3 pipes, learn more in this other article.

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