Home Fiat Cronos 2025: Restyling, engine renewal and more safety with four airbags

Fiat Cronos 2025: Restyling, engine renewal and more safety with four airbags

21 May 2024 to 16: 44
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Fiat - Cronos - turbo engine

Fiat Cronos 2025: discover the latest in safety with 4 airbags and new turbo engine. See all the details!

    The Fiat Cronos, a sedan produced in Argentina, will undergo a new restyling in 2025 to remain competitive in the market.

    This update promises not only a refreshed look but also significant improvements in security, a crucial aspect for win over consumers concerned about security.

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    The Context of Restyling

    In 2022, the Fiat Cronos underwent restyling which, although it modernized its design, brought an important reduction: the removal of the four airbags option, which was exclusive to the Precision version. The decision to offer only two airbags in all Cronos variants negatively impacted the vehicle's safety perception. This became evident when the model was tested by LatinNCAP and received a zero rating for safety, generating concerns among consumers and experts.

    Stellantis, the company responsible for Fiat, recognized the need for improvements. During the launch of the Fiat Fastback in Argentina, company executives, including Alexandre Aquino, vice president of Fiat for Latin America, and Pablo García Leyenda, commercial director of Stellantis Argentina, announced that the Cronos will once again offer versions with four airbags. Martín Scrimaglia, manager of the Fiat brand in Argentina, also participated in the press conference, reinforcing the commitment to vehicle safety.

    Reinforced Safety with Four Airbags

    While the announcement was met with enthusiasm, some questions still remain. The executives did not detail whether the four airbags will be standard on all versions of the Cronos or whether only the top-of-the-line versions will have the feature, as was the case before the 2022 restyling. It was also not mentioned whether the Argo hatch, another popular model from Fiat, will receive the same security update.

    The addition of side airbags is a crucial change for the Fiat Cronos, especially considering that many of its competitors already offer four or even six airbags as standard. This update aims not only to improve occupant safety, but also to align Cronos with the expectations of an increasingly demanding market in terms of vehicle safety.

    However, consumers will have to wait a little longer to see these changes implemented. The new airbags are expected to be available from March 2025, along with a slight restyling of the Cronos that will include the addition of more equipment and technological improvements.

    Changes in Motorization and Efficiency

    In addition to safety improvements, the Fiat Cronos 2025 will bring new engine features. Currently, the sedan does not have the 1.0 turbo engine with 130 hp and 20,4 kgfm, an engine that will be essential to reduce emissions and improve the vehicle's efficiency. The adoption of more efficient engines is part of Stellantis' plans to meet sustainability goals and reduce the environmental footprint of its vehicles.

    The restyling scheduled for 2025 will not only extend the life cycle of the Cronos, which will complete seven years in 2025, but will also prepare the model for a future transition to a new generation. Stellantis has already announced a significant investment of R$32 billion in Brazil and a further R$2 billion in Argentina, with the aim of launching 40 new vehicles by 2030. This investment reflects the company's commitment to remaining at the forefront of the automotive industry , offering vehicles that combine innovation, efficiency and safety.

    Perspectives for the Future of the Fiat Cronos

    The renewal of the Fiat Cronos is a direct response to criticism and market demands for safer and more efficient vehicles. The reintroduction of four airbags is a measure that should significantly increase consumer confidence in the brand and model, positioning the Cronos as a more attractive option in its segment.

    In addition to the safety and engine updates, the Fiat Cronos 2025 should incorporate new equipment and technologies that make the driving experience more pleasant and safe. These changes are expected to not only improve vehicle safety ratings, but also contribute to an increase in sales and customer satisfaction.

    With the addition of side airbags, the Cronos is better aligned with its direct competitors, which already offer these features as standard. This is especially important in a market where vehicle safety is a deciding factor for many buyers. The update also reflects an ongoing commitment by Stellantis to investing in the safety and innovation of its vehicles, ensuring that models like the Fiat Cronos remain relevant and competitive.

    Finally, the renewal of the Fiat Cronos in 2025 represents a significant step for Fiat in terms of safety and innovation. With the reintroduction of four airbags, engine improvements and new equipment, Cronos is prepared to face the challenges of the modern automotive market and meet the expectations of consumers who seek safety and efficiency. These changes position the Cronos as a competitive and updated sedan, ready to continue its successful trajectory in the coming years.

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