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New Renault Rafale SUV achieves 142,8 km/L and hits the market with 1.000 km of range, four-wheel drive and three engines

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 21/05/2024 às 07:01
Renault Rafale SUV hits the market with 1.000 km of autonomy, four-wheel drive, three engines and average consumption of 21,3 km/l
Photo: Renault Rafale/Disclosure

Renault's new SUV draws attention in the global market. The Renault Rafale SUV will arrive with three engines and promises to deliver up to 1.000 km of autonomy.

In the European market, Renault's portfolio is full of models for all tastes and budgets. There, one of the models that attracts attention is the Renault Rafale SUV. It is a coupe SUV, with the style of the Fiat Hatchback, but of medium size. Now, Renault's new SUV has a version prepared by Alpine that features four-wheel drive and up to three engines.

Renault Rafale SUV delivers almost 300 horsepower

O Renault Rafale Atelier Alpine It arrives to be one of the most expensive and equipped versions of the SUV line. Renault's new SUV is 4,71 m long, 1,86 m wide and has a wheelbase of 2,74 m. In this way, he It comfortably accommodates 5 people and over 530 liters in the trunk.

Until then, the car boasted an Espirit Alpine version as one of the most sophisticated. The SUV already had a 1.2 turbo engine with 130 hp and 20,9 kgfm and worked in conjunction with two smaller electric engines.

The most powerful produced 70 hp and 20,9 kgfm and the smallest 34 hp and 5 kgfm. Together, the engines deliver 200 hp. In turn, the Renault Rafale Atelier Alpine SUV has all these engines plus a rear one, which delivers 134 hp.

The three engines help the coupe SUV to have almost 300 hp and four-wheel drive, which is unprecedented in its lifetime. Furthermore, this new version is a plug-in hybrid. With all this power, the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h of the new Renault SUV is just 6,4 seconds.

Renault Rafale Atelier Alpine delivers 100 km of electric range

The model has a 22 kWh capacity battery and the electric range is approximately 100 km. This component can be charged from 10% to 80% in just over two hours or be completely recharged in around three hours.

With a combined power of 300 hp, the model offers a 100% electric range of up to 100 km in the WLTP cycle. Consumption is one of the main highlights. According to Renault, the vehicle has an average consumption of 17,2 km/l (5,8 l/100 km) in the WLTP cycle using only the combustion engine.

With the help of the electric motor, the brand promises consumption of just 0,7 liters per 100 km in mixed use WLTP – the equivalent of 142,8 km/l!

For now, the model is not yet scheduled to arrive in Brazil, but it appears that the Renault Rafale will be the inspiration for the new medium SUV that the French brand will produce in Brazil.

Renault Rafale Atelier Alpine/Disclosure

To differentiate the versions prepared by Alpine, Renault applied differences in the equipment lists of these Rafale. The Espirit is the most affordable and comes with several of its own accessories, such as floor mats and 20-inch wheels. 

The Atelier has a Satin Summit blue color on the body, 21-inch “Chicane” style darkened wheels and a black Starry spoiler that is installed on top of the rear window. The Renault Rafale SUV also has an adaptive suspension, which works after a camera installed at the front identifies what the terrain is like in front and thus changes the functioning of the shock absorbers.

In fact, these parts and the rear wheel steering angle have three different configuration modes. According to media information, prices for this version of Renault's new SUV have not been disclosed, but sales will begin in the second half of this year and there is no confirmation for its arrival in Brazil.

Technologies present in Renault's new SUV

An innovation is the Adaptive Suspension system, with Predictive Camera, which continuously adjusts damping based on the driver's speed and reaction, providing comfort and performance in various road conditions.

Furthermore, the Rafale Atelier Alpine features an innovative Agility Control, allowing the driver to adjust the 4Control Advanced system parameters, damping levels and rear steering angles in three modes: Comfort, Dynamique and Sport.

These settings are available in all driving modes except Snow mode, offering easy customization of the Rafale according to the driver's preferences.

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