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New photovoltaic solar tile brings savings of up to R$120,00 on your electricity bill, lasts 30 years and is certified by Inmetro!

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 13/06/2024 às 10:52
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Discover the new photovoltaic solar tile that can last up to 30 years and bring savings of up to R$ 120,00 on your energy bill, in addition to being certified by Inmetro and offering greater power and efficiency

The electricity bill in Brazil is one of the most expensive in the world, due to several factors, such as taxes, charges and transmission losses. According to the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel), the electricity bill could rise, on average, 5,6% in 2024. In this context, invest in renewable energy sources, like solar tiles, it can be a solution to reduce costs and contribute to sustainability, according to the So Científica website.

The photovoltaic solar tile is one of these solutions. Capable of generating electrical energy from sunlight, it can reduce your electricity bill by up to R$120,00, with an average duration of 20 to 30 years. Furthermore, its installation is adaptable to any type of construction, making it a viable and effective option for saving energy.

Discover the advantages of adopting a photovoltaic solar tile

Solar tile certification and efficiency

The collaboration between the renowned company Eternit and the specialized Tégula Soluções para Telhados resulted in the introduction of the latest models of solar tiles in the Tégula Solar line, now officially certified by Inmetro for commercialization. These tiles stand out not only for their efficiency in energy generation, but also for their aesthetics. more attractive and integrated into the design of buildings, surpassing traditional solar panels.

Greater power and ease of installation

The latest line of photovoltaic tiles, including models BIG-F10C, BIG-F11, Plana F-12 and PLANA-F15, was designed to simplify the installation process and provide a significant increase in energy generation power. For example, the BIG-F10C model stands out for being an ideal choice for installation on existing roofs or during renovations, featuring a power of 10Wp and an average energy generation of approximately 1,25 kWh/month per tile.

In addition to the economic benefits, Eternit obtained the registration of a green patent granted by INPI, in recognition of the development of an innovative and unprecedented manufacturing process on the market. This exclusive method makes it possible to application of solar energy capture module directly on the photovoltaic tiles, giving the company the exclusive right to commercially exploit this technology in Brazilian territory.

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