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Next electric Golf will succeed Volkswagen ID.3, being more affordable.

Written by Paulo S. Nogueira
Published 01/12/2023 às 04:39
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Volkswagen ID. GTI concept live at VW Group Night

A significant change is expected to occur in 2028, with the implementation of a new approach to electric cars that is more reminiscent of tradition. This new guideline promises to change the landscape of the automotive industry.

'The Golf is and continues to be an absolutely essential model for Volkswagen. The Golf, as well as the entire [C] segment, are still very popular in Europe. And I believe this will continue like this. That's why we're bringing the Golf into the electric age,' said Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Volkswagen.

New Model da Volkswagen: Volkswagen ID.3 Facelift

Produced at the Zwickau plant in Germany, alongside the Cupra Born, the ID.3 suffered a fall in production due to lower than expected demand in Europe. This also impacted the Transparent Factory in Dresden, where the SUV is produced electric ID.4.

However, the Volkswagen He is looking to the future and is already working on his replacement. The new electric car, based on the new platform called SSP, it will be more accessible than the ID.3 and promises to be more conventional. The new architecture will be highly flexible and will feature an 800 volt system, which will allow for extremely fast recharges, such as recovery (10-80%) in approximately 12 minutes. This one model will be based on the VW Golf electric.

The vehicle electric Volkswagen ID.3 had the arduous task of leading the transition from german automaker for eletric cars. He was the first to use the MEB platform, aimed at vehicles electrics, but ended up not being successful as planned. In 2028, it will be replaced by a model electric more conventional.

O ID.3 it was released late due to software problems, and despite a good start in Europe, it failed to maintain momentum. Even with specifications attractive and a price within the segment average, the car electric of VW failed to recover, even after the restyling applied about 1 year ago.

Source: Insideevs Uol

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