Home Petrobras closes an agreement worth 3,6 billion to end investigations in the United States.

Petrobras closes an agreement worth 3,6 billion to end investigations in the United States.

28 from 2018 from September to 07: 21
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Petrobras says it will have more profits in the next quarter

According to the state-owned company, this agreement will allow 80% of the values ​​of this contract to be invested in Brazil.

Petrobras announced yesterday (27/09) that it closed some agreements for the closure of investigations by the DOJ (Department of Justice) and the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), in the USA, related to the accounting records, internal controls and financial statements of Petrobras. state during the period from 2003 to 2012. The oil company states that it will also enter into an agreement with the MPF (Federal Public Prosecutor's Office), "since the underlying facts were unveiled through investigations of Operation Lava Jato coordinated by the Brazilian authorities".

According to the company, this will allow 80% of the amounts agreed with the DOJ and the SEC to be invested in our country. The agreements are in the best interests of the company and its shareholders and put an end to uncertainties, burdens and costs associated with potential litigation in the United States. Also according to the oil company, the agreements fully end investigations by US authorities. Under the terms, Petrobras will pay US$85,3 million to the DOJ and US$85,3 million to the SEC in the United States.

Additionally, 682,6 million dollars from the agreements are destined to the Brazilian authorities, this amount being deposited by Petrobras in a special fund to be used according to the instrument that will be signed with the MPF.

The institution will identify as provision for the agreements the amount of 853,2 million dollars, estimating at 3,6 billion reais, already including taxes in the financial presentations for the 3rd quarter of 2018.

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