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SGS do Brasil receiving resumes today via registration and email: Listen to the call

19 January 2018 to 12: 12
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Opportunities are for future ventures and assets at SGS do Brasil, there are several vacancies even for those who have no experience

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]A Brazil's SMS accumulators is a mega company that operates in various parts of the globe in various forms of industry and civil construction, of course it also has a base in our national territory, with a large presence and many active projects at the moment. Exploring social networks today, the Click Oil and Gas received some vacancies that the companies would supposedly be making available today.

See what the vacancies are below, if you don't have the training mentioned, share it for those who need it:

  • 16 vacancies for instrumentalists
  • 14 job openings for maintenance electricians
  • 10 vacancies for electricians and assemblers
  • 4 vacancies for helpers
  • 4 mechanics vacancies
  • 2 welders

Well, as you could see at the beginning of this article, there is the call we made directly to the company's HR department, asking them to confirm the veracity of the information. At first the girl reported that she was not aware of this information, but she ended up sending the email directly so that they could send their resumes. But there is a problem: For some reason the email keeps coming back saying something like “DEVICE NOT CONNECTED/OFFLINE”, we honestly didn't know how to solve it. We returned the call and were told that the email is the same, but we were informed of another alternative to apply.

To apply for vacancies at SGS do Brasil, send an e-mail to, but probably this contact will return. The second option of candidacy according to HR is register your resumes directly on the company's website by clicking here. The terms and procedures for applying will be in English, use Google Translate to help if you don't master the language. Remembering that SGS is a multinational so be careful when submitting your information.

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