Home Job vacancies for Boilermaking professionals in Macaé

Job vacancies for Boilermaking professionals in Macaé

1 October 2018 to 09: 39
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Job vacancies for Boilermaking professionals in Macaé

Great job opportunity for boilermaking professionals in Macaé with immediate hiring forecast

A company in Macaé is selecting boilermaking professionals to work on its contracts. We are contemplating an increase in job opportunities in the O&G sector and mainly in the onshore and offshore area. The Boilermaker must have the ability to perform the duties and responsibilities assigned by his immediate supervisor, provide the necessary information, drawings, specifications, materials, tools and equipment necessary to carry out the work.

Vacancies and Requirements

  • 04 boilermakers
  • for immediate shipment
  • With salvage up to date
  • two years of experience

Professionals in this area supervise and coordinate boilermaking activities in construction, assembly, maintenance and repair onshore and offshore. Plan operations to schedule workloads in groups, efficiently using resources to minimize costs. Reads blueprints and specifications to determine scope of work onboard, checks quantities and sizes of materials needed. Interpret specifications, schematics, and work orders for workers and assign duties and identify all necessary tools for tasks.

How to apply

Do you know how a recruiter evaluates the job candidate? Well, first your resume needs to contain necessary information according to your experience within what the company is requesting and will disqualify the resumes that had grammatical errors mainly. Here's the tip, make a good resume, reviewed and updated to have the opportunity to participate in the selection process. If you are interested in the positions mentioned above, please send your resume to the following email address:

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