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230 professionals summoned this afternoon (30/12) for offshore and onshore job vacancies; start March 3, 2021

Written by Flavia Marinho
Published 30/12/2020 às 13:58
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230 job openings for offshore and onshore vacancies were announced this afternoon (30/12). See all positions and how to apply

Oceânica Engenharia, a Brazilian oil and gas company, has just announced this Wednesday afternoon (30/12) over 230 job openings for professionals in the offshore and onshore industry. The company says that the start of work on the Fixed Ocean Terminals is scheduled to start on March 03rd of next year and will last for 3 years. If you want to reposition yourself in the job market in the oil sector, be sure to participate, send your resume immediately.

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OCEANIC is a Brazilian company dedicated to providing engineering technology services and solutions for companies with maritime and offshore activities. Offers vessel charter, subsea, ROV and diving engineering services, for inspection and repair.

Founded in 1978, Oceânica is committed to the environment, quality, health and safety. These items are present in obtaining certifications ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 and INMETRO 17020 accreditation. Oceânica is also accredited by the ABS, BV, DNV and Lloyds Classifications.

ATTENTION! Click Petróleo e Gás is not responsible for the applications, the job openings for activities in the oil and gas sector posted below are external and may expire at any time, at Oceânica's discretion.

Check below the areas called upon to fill the 230 job vacancies opened by Oceânica to attend offshore and onshore projects next year


The main areas are: engineers, inspectors, assistants and TSTs (Work Safety Technicians) 


The company informs that most functions are for offshore operations and require technical knowledge.


Interested parties who are within the profile for the offshore and onshore job vacancy mentioned above and wish to work at Oceanica should forward an updated resume, informing the name of the position in the subject field to the following email: curriculum@oceanica.com.br Good Luck!

“The activities at the Oceanic Fixed Terminals start on March 2, 2020, with a duration of 3 years. More than 230 offshore professionals will be hired, including: engineers, inspectors, assistants and TSTs (Work Safety Technicians) and professionals to carry out onshore activities. Initially, four work fronts will be formed, which may increase according to contract demand”, says Oceânica in her social profile.

Flavia Marinho

Flavia Marinho is a Production Engineer with a postgraduate degree in Electrical and Automation Engineering, with extensive experience in the onshore and offshore shipbuilding industry. In recent years, she has dedicated herself to writing articles for news websites in the areas of industry, oil and gas, energy, shipbuilding, geopolitics, jobs and courses, with more than 7 thousand articles published. Her technical expertise and communication skills make her a respected reference in her field. Contact us to suggest an agenda, advertise job vacancies or advertise on our portal.

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