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900 million euros will be invested in new fleets of armored cars for the Brazilian Army on the eve of the end of the current government

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 29/11/2022 às 10:42
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Photo: Reproduction eb.mil.br

In all, 98 armored vehicles will be purchased for the new generation of vehicles for the Brazilian army. Contract should reach 900 million euros and will be signed on December 05

According to the site Exame.com, on the eve of the end of the current government, the Army The Brazilian concluded the choice of the new fleet of armored vehicles with cannons and should sign, on December 5th, a contract worth around 900 million euros for the purchase of 98 new vehicles.

The new armored vehicles acquired by the Brazilian Army are the Centauro II from the Italian consortium Oto Melara (CIO) – formed by Iveco and Leonardo – and are 8×8 armored vehicles, superior to the current Guaranis 6×6 used by the Army since the beginning of the government , which are also manufactured by Iveco. The 30-ton vehicles also have 120 mm cannons and will be used to modernize the vehicle generation of the fast-acting infantry units.

O armored Centaur II surpassed two competitors, the LAV700AG model manufactured by the North American GDLS and the ST1-BR vehicle of the Chinese Norinco, which were in second and third places, respectively.

More about the Brazilian Army: ESFCEX, IME, ESSEX and ESSLOG are open for tenders for women interested in pursuing a military career in 2023

As everyone knows, women are exempt from mandatory military enlistment in the Brazilian Army, as provided for by the Constitution. However, they may voluntarily serve as career or temporary service members.

For those women who wish to join the Armed Forces, there are two forms of Military Enlistment: through public competition or through volunteering. However, if they want to pursue a career, they must take a public tender.

Some contests that women can take to pursue a military career in the Brazilian Army

EPCAR Contest: which is equivalent to regular high school, at the Preparatory School for Cadets in the Air;

AFA Contest: for the Air Force Academy, the sector that takes care of the organization's logistics and the administrative part;

EEAR Contest: School of Aeronautics Specialists, if you have a higher-level diploma in the professions listed in the public notice;

EsSLog Contest;

Navy Contest (which covers the areas of the Naval Academy (EN), Auxiliary Corps of Squares (CAP), Complementary Staff of Intendants (QC-IM), Technical Staff (QT), Navy Health Corps - Staff of Doctors (CSM -MD), Navy Health Corps – Dental Surgeon Staff (CSM-CD), Navy Health Corps – Health Support Staff (CSM-S), Navy Corps of Engineers (CEM), Chaplains Staff (CAPNAV), Volunteer Military Service for Temporary Officers (SMV-OF), Volunteer Military Service for Temporary Privates (SMV-PR).

ESFCEX Contest;

EMI Contest;

Registration for competitions and public notices

Those interested in participating in any of the tenders described and joining the Brazilian Army in 2023 should access the following official websites for more information and future public tenders. Good luck everyone!

ESFCEX: https://esfcex.eb.mil.br/

IME: http://www.ime.eb.mil.br/

ESSLOG: http://www.esslog.eb.mil.br/

ESSEX: http://www.cmp.eb.mil.br/index.php/essex

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