Home Banco Santander offers more than 250 job vacancies in different areas and education levels, check it out!

Banco Santander offers more than 250 job vacancies in different areas and education levels, check it out!

02/03/2024 às 10:37
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Banco Santander is open for registration in its selection process with hundreds of new job openings for professionals from different areas and from different states

Santander, one of the largest banks in the world and the largest in the euro zone, has several new job vacancies available. The bank is offering opportunities to employment for candidates in different areas, including technology, administration, commercial network and retail. In addition to vacancies for permanent professionals, Santander is also opening doors to candidates who are at the beginning of their careers, offering internship positions.

List of job vacancies available at Banco Santander 

  • Special Commercial Insurance
  • IT Analyst I
  • BRA Spec Clients Prospera
  • Spec Clients Companies I
  • Neg Serv II Customer Spec 8h
  • Agro II Customer Spec
  • Neg Serv II Customer Spec 8h
  • BRA Van Gogh Customer Spec
  • Espec Investimentos I – Exclusive vacancy for people with disabilities
  • BRA Intern J6
  • BRA Specific Customers Companies I
  • IT Engineer Expert
  • IT Architect IV
  • Banking Assistant
  • IT Specialist
  • Spec Clients Companies I
  • IT Developer III 
  • IT Blockchain Engineer Spec IV
  • Spec Clients Companies I
  • Neg Serv II Customer Spec 8h
  • Digital Business Spec III
  • Tax Leader
  • Financial Coml Spec I
  • Financial Team Leader

If none of the job openings fit your profile, the company still has a talent pool. This way, when registering your CV in the talent bank, the professional can be recruited as soon as a job opportunity that fits their profile arises.

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Registration in the selection process for Santander job vacancies

Those who are interested should pay attention to the requirements. Each opportunity has specific requirements. For the position of Senior Risk Analyst, for example, Banco Santander requires experience in the areas of market risk, pricing, Python programming, among others.

For internships, the company requires that you be in the second semester of your degree and be available to intern for 6 hours a day in the Vila Olimpia region, São Paulo (SP). Intermediate Office Package, Excel domain, among others.

The complete list of job vacancies and locations can be found on the Banco Santander page on the Gupy platform. On the page, register using Facebook, LinkedIn or Gmail and then send an updated CV.


If you prefer, the candidate has the option of filling out the CV data manually. The company did not provide salaries and benefits, therefore, this data must be disclosed during the selection process.

Banco Santander focuses on diversity in the work environment

Santander aims to be a more plural and meritocratic bank, where everyone can be who they really are, and together they can do much more, always with the customer in mind. Diversity is not a campaign, an internal fad or a welfare vision of the world. It is about building a culture of respect and inclusion of equity, so that in their work environment, people can express themselves and do their best.

The world is going through a cognitive revolution in which algorithms will replace people in various roles. But the creative, inventive capacity, a characteristic inherent to human nature, cannot be replaced.

The process becomes richer when minds are open. Only by cultivating diversity and opening space for other perspectives will the company be able to keep up with the speed of transformation.

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