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Brazilians invade the USA in search of the American dream: See the most sought after jobs

Written by Alisson Ficher
Published 17/06/2024 às 18:17
United States opens more than 10 THOUSAND vacancies for foreigners and publishes list of professions that qualify for a Green Card
Photo: CANVA/Pronatech

In search of better life and career prospects, a growing number of Brazilians are migrating to United States.

Between January and May 2024, the search for legal assistance to immigrate to the North American country increased by 14,6%, according to a survey by AG Immigration, a law firm specializing in immigration.

Data from AG Immigration reveals that the areas most sought after by Brazilians in the USA are health, technology, transport and services. Among the most demanded professions, the following stand out:

  • Businessmen/Entrepreneurs: 4,88%
  • Engineers: 2,34%
  • Dentists: 2,23%
  • Drivers/Delivery Persons: 1,68%
  • Programmer/Developer/IT Professional: 1,52%

The search for qualified job opportunities with better salaries is one of the main drivers of Brazilian migration to the USA.

Furthermore, access to quality higher education and a more stable political-economic environment also weigh on the decision of many.

In an interview with CNN Brasil, Leda Oliveira, CEO of AG Immigration, highlights that professionals with high academic qualifications generally have an easier time in the migration process, and can even eliminate the need for an American sponsor.

Visas such as the EB-2 NIW and EB-1A are highly sought after by Brazilians, as they allow permanent residence without the requirement of a prior job offer.

According to her, “today, there are more open positions in American companies than there are unemployed people in the country”.

This shortage of qualified labor, especially in areas such as health, technology and transportation, opens doors for Brazilian immigrants with the necessary skills.

For some professions, such as medicine, engineering, law and dentistry, the diploma must be revalidated in the USA.

The process varies according to the profession and the regulatory body, but generally involves evaluating the diploma, taking additional courses, exams and English proficiency tests.

Opportunities for Brazilians go beyond regulated professions

It is important to highlight that not all areas require revalidation. Businesspeople, entrepreneurs, technology professionals and drivers, for example, do not need to go through this process.

The United States is a favorite destination for many

In 2023, Brazil was the 10th country that received the most American Green Cards, with 28.050 citizens covered.

This number represents an increase of 16% compared to 2022 and the main professions that require diploma revalidation are: engineering, nursing, physiotherapy, medicine, law and dentistry.

The most sought after jobs by Brazilians in the USA

Check out a list of the 15 most sought after professions by Brazilians in the USA from January to May this year according to data from AG Immigration:

  • Businessmen/Entrepreneurs: 4,88%
  • Engineers: 2,34%
  • Dentists: 2,23%
  • Drivers/Delivery Persons: 1,68%
  • IT/IT/Developers: 1,52%
  • Airline Pilots/Mechanics/Flight Attendants: 1,45%
  • Teachers/Researchers/Scientists: 1,40%
  • Lawyers: 1,38%
  • Salespeople/Commercial Executives: 1,36%
  • Nurses: 0,99%
  • Doctors: 0,88%
  • Financial/Banking Analysts/Investment Advisors: 0,80%
  • Public Servants: 0,76%
  • Military: 0,71%
  • C-Level Executives: 0,63%

For the CEO of AG Immigration, the migration of Brazilians to the USA is a constantly growing phenomenon, driven by several factors such as the search for better job opportunities, quality of life and education.

With a job market in high demand for qualified labor, Brazilians find the USA fertile ground to build a promising future.

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