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Paraíba Tourmaline, discover the magnificent precious stone that has 'its own light': A gram of this stone can be worth up to R$4,5 MILLION

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 29/05/2024 às 17:08
“paraíba tourmaline” “in the deep ranch” “precious stone”
Photo/reproduction: ai

Containing traces of copper, manganese and gold, this gem exhibits a fluorescence effect never before seen anywhere else!

Globo’s 6 o’clock soap opera, “At Rancho Fundo”, brings an engaging story set in the Northeast, focused on mining rare paraiba tourmaline. This precious stone, known for its incredible beauty and value, becomes the center of attention in the plot. But what makes Paraiba tourmaline so special and coveted? Let's find out more about this jewel and its impact on culture and economy, according to g1.

What is Paraíba Tourmaline?

Tourmalines are common minerals found in many parts of the world, but Paraiba tourmaline stands out for its unique composition. Containing traces of copper, manganese and gold, this gem exhibits an unparalleled fluorescence effect. In fact, a gram of paraiba tourmaline can be worth up to R $ million 4,5, thanks to its “electric shine” and high light reflection capacity, which makes it shine brightly, even in low lighting conditions.

In addition to your visual beauty, Paraíba tourmaline has significant historical and cultural value. Thus, its discovery revolutionized the precious gems industry, highlighting Brazil as the main producer of this rare stone. The gem, sought after by collectors and jewelry enthusiasts around the world, solidifying its position as one of the most valuable gemstones on the market.

Curiosities and history of Paraíba Tourmaline

Paraíba tourmaline received its name due to its discovery in the mines of the state of Paraíba, in Brazil, in 1989. The stone stands out for its vibrant shades of blue and green, even reaching a neon tone, thanks to the presence of copper and manganese . Discovered by Heitor Dimas Barbosa em São José da Batalha, the gem has gained international recognition for its exceptional quality, confirmed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

This rare gemstone is not just a Brazilian treasure; is a true celebrity in the world of gems. Since its discovery, Paraíba tourmaline has been featured in jewelry from renowned brands, enchanting everyone with its incandescent blue and unparalleled shine.

The value of Paraíba Tourmaline

Due to its rarity and beauty, Paraíba tourmaline has a high commercial value. The price of one carat (0,2 gram) of the stone can vary from U $ 30 thousand a US$ 100 thousand, depending on their specific characteristics. However, it is essential to check the authenticity of the gemstone with an expert to avoid fakes and ensure the quality of the gemstone.

“paraíba tourmaline” “in the deep ranch” “precious stone”
Photo/reproduction: ai

The new 6 o’clock soap opera: “No Rancho Fundo”

The plot of “No Rancho Fundo” features a talented cast of actors from Paraíba, including Thardelly Lima, Nanego Lira and Suzy Lopes. So the story revolves around the Leonel Limoeiro family, who live in the fictional district of Lasca de Fogo, in the Sertão do Nordeste. The Leonels' simple life changes drastically when Zefa Leonel, the family matriarch, finds a Paraíba tourmaline in the mine, changing everyone's destiny.

However, with its captivating narrative and the magic of Paraíba tourmaline, “No Rancho Fundo” promises to capture the attention of viewers, showing the importance and charm of this precious stone that shines both in fiction and in reality.

In short, Paraiba tourmaline is more than just a gemstone; It is a symbol of beauty, history and cultural value, which now also illuminates Globo's new soap opera.

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