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Aneel releases hydroelectric plant for the first phase of test operation in Goiás

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 01/09/2020 às 10:31
Aneel - Hydroelectric - Tradener
Tradener hydroelectric plant (PCH)

The Tamboril Small Hydroelectric Power Plant in GO, together with Tradener, was released by Aneel for operation in the test phase, check it out!

The Tamboril Hydroelectric Power Plant (PCH) – in Luziânia (GO) Tradener has been working with Aneel for over 10 years on energy projects that preserve the environment. Walfrido comments that the benefits of PCHs for the region in which they are located are numerous, job creation, preservation of the environment, as in the wet period it generates more energy, while in the dry period less is generated.

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Free consumers with the new hydroelectric plant released by Aneel

Furthermore, one of the largest independent electricity and natural gas traders in the country, Tradener focuses on free electricity consumers and independent producers.

Pioneer – it has been present in the segment since 1998 – it is the first company authorized by Aneel to sell energy to free consumers and generators in the free contracting environment, the idea of ​​the hydroelectric plant will benefit many families in Luziânia (GO).

“We cannot give up renewable energies and Aneel can help us” – Says the President of Tradener

“In the context in which the country cannot give up renewable energies, the PCH's can contribute a lot to a clean energy matrix”, pointed out the president of Tradener, Walfrido Avila, highlighting the dedication of his company, since the beginning of the enterprise.

At the opportunity, Avila added that the company has other similar projects in the region – in Goiás. Finally, the hydroelectric plant approved by Aneel will have an incredible total installed capacity of 15.800 kW (kilowatt).

About Tradener

TRADENER operates in the electricity sector in Brazil and in other Latin American countries, both in purchase and sale, business intermediation, import and export, and in the representation and management of generating agents and free consumers. First company in Brazil authorized by Aneel (in 1998) to trade energy with free consumers and generators in the free contracting environment (ACL) and with distributors in the regulated contracting environment (ACR). In addition to holding its own auctions for the purchase and sale of conventional and incentive energy, it has participated in more than 700 auctions for the purchase and sale of electricity over the last decade.

TRADENER has its doors open to the future, on the way to participating in other energy markets inside and outside the country, starting with the sale of natural gas and other activities associated with this power plant market.

Valdemar Medeiros

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