Home Macaé threatened? Construction of Heliport approved at Porto do Açú

Macaé threatened? Construction of Heliport approved at Porto do Açú

29 from 2018 to 17 at 51: XNUMX
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Macaé airport Porto do Açú construction

With the intention of serving the offshore platforms in the Campos and Espírito Santos Basins, the construction of the heliport in Porto do Açú will start in 2019 and operation is expected for 2020

In order to increase its portfolio of services, Porto do Açu Operations and Grupo Aeropart – Participações Aeroportuárias signed a contract earlier this week for the construction of a Heliport to serve the offshore platforms in the Campos and Espírito Santo Basins, activities that currently belong to mostly to Macaé Airport, and some to São Tomé Lighthouse, in Campos dos Goytacazes.

The Açú Port Complex is one of the largest integrated structures in Rio de Janeiro and Prumo Logística, the port's administrator, has taken advantage of the structure to close new businesses and projects. In addition to the first thermoelectric plant already under construction, the second has already been approved, the gasification systems as well, an Export Processing Zone (EPZ) and now the Heliport, not to mention its port structure with incredible capacity to receive large ships and platforms. port.

In addition to the obstacles and delay that Macaé has been suffering to complete the work on its airport for domestic commercial flights [check out more details here], if nothing is done now, the city could lose one of the strengths that still drives the city's economy.

Some specifications about the Heliport

The forecast is that the work on the Açu Heliport will begin in 2019, after obtaining the necessary permits, under the responsibility of the Aeropart Group. Operations are scheduled for 2020. The expectation is that 150 jobs will be generated in the construction phase of the Heliport and around 240 during operation. The heliport will have 20 parking spaces for aircraft and a total area of ​​210 m².

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