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Best motorcycles up to R$10.000 to buy in 2024: There are used and new motorcycles; Honda, Yamaha, Dafra are some of the brands with options. Check out!

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 20/06/2024 às 22:01
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Find economical motorcycles from Honda, Yamaha, Shineray and other brands without spending a fortune!

It is not news that the vehicle prices are sky high, especially after semiconductor crisis in 2021. This scenario also affects the two-wheel sector, where entry-level motorcycles can easily exceed R$20.000. However, it is still possible to find motorcycles even R $ 10 thousand, whether brand new or on the used motorcycle market. Here, we present some of those options for you, according to AutoChat.

Shineray Free 150 EFI: The only zero kilometer

A Shineray Free 150 EFI It's the only bike zero kilometer which still fits in this price range. Known for its simple and low-cost products, the Chinese brand offers this model with a renewed aesthetics and interesting features.

The model has a large and complete panel, engine 149 cc capable of generating up to 12 horsepower e 1,4 kgfm of torque, reaching a maximum speed of 90 km/h. The suggested price is R $ 9.990, making it an affordable option for those looking for an economical and new motorcycle.

“motorcycles”, “used motorbikes”, “cheap motorbikes”, “economic motorbike”
photo/reproduction: autochat

Honda PCX 150 / 2013: Sophistication and economy

A Honda PCX 150 is a highly coveted scooter, offering a little more sophistication compared to models like the Elite and Biz. The 2013 version, the first to be launched, is equipped with a 149 cc, delivering 13,1 hp and 1,36 kgfm of torque.

With an automatic transmission CVT and LED lights, this scooter offers an average consumption of up to 50 km/l. Although its price on the Fipe Table is R$ 10.059, it is an excellent option for those looking for a used and economical motorcycle.

Yamaha Fazer 250 / 2009: Power and versatility

A Yamaha Make 250, predecessor of FZ25, is known for its robustness and durability. Launched in 2006, this motorcycle remains popular in the Brazilian market. With a single-cylinder engine 249 cc, it even offers 21 hp of power at 8.000 rpm and 2,1 kgfm of torque at 6.000 rpm.

Although older models do not have ABS brakes and a digital screen, the Fazer 250 maintains a reliable mechanics. Its price is R $ 9.111, according to the Fipe Table, being an excellent choice for those looking for used motorcycles under R$10.

Dafra Next 250 / 2016: Design and power

A Dafra Next 250 It is another interesting option in the price range of up to R$10. Despite being recently listed as one of the worst motorcycles in Brazil due to some mechanical problems, it still stands out for its bold and imposing design.

Your engine 249,4 cc delivery 25 horsepower, being more powerful than many competitors. According to the Fipe Table, its value is R $ 9.895, making it a viable option for those looking for cheap and powerful motorcycles.

Kasinski GV Mirage 250 / 2003: Classic Style

For fans of custom motorcycles, the Kasinski GV Mirage 250 is an excellent choice. Launched in the early 2000s, this bike is well finished and offers a affordable maintenance. Equipped with a V2 engine, it is a classic option that can still be found at an affordable price.

“motorcycles”, “used motorbikes”, “cheap motorbikes”, “economic motorbike”
photo/reproduction: motorrede

Its price on the Fipe Table is R$ 8.767, but finding one in good condition can be a challenge. However, for those who value classic style, it's worth seeking out.

Bonus: Honda CG 150 and Yamaha Fazer 150

We cannot fail to mention the classics Honda CG150 e Yamaha Make 150. Both models are known to be economic quality easy maintenance. 2016 versions of these bikes can still be found on the used motorcycle market by less than R$10 thousand, making them always viable options for those looking for economical and reliable motorcycles.

These motorcycles are ideal for those who want to spend little, without giving up customer service e reliability. Therefore, when considering purchasing a motorcycle under R$10, it is worth exploring these options, always checking the Fipe Table to ensure a good deal.

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