Home Comperj's UPGN is finally out: on the 27th, mobilization for the works begins

Comperj's UPGN is finally out: on the 27th, mobilization for the works begins

25 March 2018 to 15: 12
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resumption of works by comperJ UPGN

Chinese signed the contract with Petrobras on the 22nd for the construction of the UPGN within COMPERJ, the hiring will probably take place through the Union

No more controversies involving Comperj, delays and promises, it's over and there's no way to go back! The contract for the works of the UPGN inside the Petrochemical Complex of Rio de Janeiro was signed and on the 22nd of March and Kerui Petroleum informs that on the 27th the mobilizations will start to start the works. The press vehicles were informed that the delay was due to the company not having the CRCC to build the construction site, a problem that has just been solved.

On the same day the contract is signed, a delegation of parliamentarians, trade unionists and employees linked to Petrobras will be at the project to celebrate the milestone and analyze the final stages for the resumption of work. “It's good to know that Petrobras is resuming investments in this unit, which will process natural gas from oil extraction from the pre-salt layer,” he said. Senator Eduardo Lopes (PRB-RJ) and federal deputy Dejorge Patricio (PRB-RJ) participated in the visit.

There is a collective agreement organized by the Sintramon Union for the positions and salaries of the workers who worked on the works, probably this union will be intermediating the hiring and receiving the CVs by China, as the president said in other videos. HIRINGS CAN START AT ANY TIME! But it is worth mentioning that they will happen gradually. First, the civil construction crew will come in to carry out the construction site preparation works, earthworks and other related activities. Then Keuri will call the inspection staff to check the equipment and machinery received. After all that, the buckshot gang starts in its entirety. You can find the list of salary positions by clicking here. The video of the union's official statement is just below:

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