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Public tender TREs from all over Brazil will have vacancies with salaries of up to R$ 13.202,62

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 28/02/2023 às 23:55
Unified public tender TREs from all over Brazil with middle and higher level vacancies will have more than 400 vacancies and salaries of up to R$ 13.202,62
Photo: Illustration/Canva – TRE

A new public tender for the TREs will be announced shortly with vacancies at technical and higher levels. In total, 20 TREs show interest and salaries can reach R$ 13.

The awaited announcement of the Unified Public Tender of the Regional Electoral Courts (TREs) is expected to be released in August this year. The confirmation was made by the director general of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Rui Moreira, during the meeting of the presidents of the Regional Electoral Courts.

TREs public tender will have vacancies for technical level candidates

This young man was a gas station attendant for 10 years and is now a TRE-PA Technician

Still according to Moreira, with the publication of the notice in August, the application of the TRE contest with mid-level vacancies It is scheduled to take place between the months of September and October. At the beginning of the month, the forecast for calling those approved from the beginning of 2024 had already been announced.

During the meeting, the director of the TSE he also pointed out that the government already has an estimated budget for hiring and a possible organizing bank, whose name should be disclosed in the future. Only after signing the contract with the chosen bank, the precise start date of the public tender can be defined.

The expectation is that the public tender for the TREs will have vacancies for the positions of technician and judicial analyst.

Current salaries are BRL 8.046,84 for technicians and BRL 13.202,62 for analysts. It has already been confirmed that, in addition to immediate vacancies, reservation registrations must also be formed, with application of the tests in the capital of the candidate's state, with the possibility of running even for another capital. It is worth mentioning that in the previous announcement there was an alteration that changed the contests from medium to higher level.

Check the grants received by those approved in the contest

  • Security Activity Bonus (GAS) for positions in the security area;
  • External Activity Bonus (GAE) for judicial analyst – judicial area – Court official; Medical and odontologic assistence;
  • Additional qualification for level of education higher than that required for the career;
  • Child care allowance for dependents up to 5 years old.

Contents of the tests and list of regions that will be covered

According to resolution 23.391, published recently, the evidence of the competition TREs will have, at least, questions about general knowledge and specific knowledge.

In terms of general knowledge, at least four subjects are mandatory, namely computer skills, rules applicable to federal civil servants, grammar and interpretation of texts in Portuguese and the internal regulations of each court.

Discursive tests and analysis of titles may also be applied. For the security sector, physical fitness tests may be charged. In total, at least 20 TREs have already expressed interest in participating in the selection process:

  • TRE Minas Gerais;
  • TRE Rio de Janeiro;
  • TRE Rio Grande do Sul;
  • TRE Piauí;
  • TRE Rio Grande do Norte;
  • TRE Sergipe;
  • TRE Goias;
  • TRE Espírito Santo;
  • TRE Acre;
  • TRE Alagoas;
  • TRE São Paulo;
  • TRE Rondônia;
  • TRE Tocantins;
  • TRE Santa Catarina;
  • TRE Paraná;
  • TRE Mato Grosso do Sul;
  • TRE Mato Grosso;
  • TRE Roraima;
  • TRE Paraiba;
  • TRE Ceará.

The unified TSE competition encompasses the following careers in the Judiciary, whose effective staff are governed by Law No. 11.416, of December 15, 2006:

  • Legal analyst;
  • Judicial Technician;
  • Judicial Assistant.

On February 7 of this year, a joint ordinance was released that promoted a readjustment in the values ​​of food allowance and pre-school assistance in all courts. The percentage increase was 29,96%, increasing the amounts to R$ 1.182,74 and R$ 935,22, respectively. The effects of the readjustment are immediate.

Details of the last selection process

As had already been announced, the last TRE-SP contest took place in 2016, with an initial offer of 14 vacancies, in addition to forming a reserve register. The organizing bank, on the occasion, was the Carlos Chagas Foundation.

In the case of secondary education, there were 7 immediate vacancies for technicians, with 5 for the administrative sector, 1 for nursing, 1 for systems programming and reserve registration for legal technicians in the specialties of graphic arts and computer operation. 

For higher-level analysts, there were also 7 immediate vacancies, 2 for the judiciary sector, 1 for a judicial analyst – administrative sector, 1 for a judicial analyst – support area in systems analysis specialties, 2 vacancies for accounting, 1 for relations -public and reserve registration for legal analyst – support area in the specialties of systems analysis, social assistance, medicine – internal medicine and psychology.

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