Home For R$68.000: discover BYD's new cheapest electric SUV in Brazil

For R$68.000: discover BYD's new cheapest electric SUV in Brazil

30 January 2024 to 22: 09
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BYD, SUV, automotive, electric
Photo: Reproduction Garagem 360

The future has arrived: Meet the BYD Yuan Up, the electric SUV that could transform the Brazilian automotive market

According to the Garagem 360 website, BYD, a renowned Chinese automotive manufacturer, is about to launch its latest model SUV, the Yuan Up. This new vehicle not only draws attention for its innovative technical features, but also for its affordable price that could revolutionize the Brazilian electric car market. Scheduled to reach the Chinese market in March, the BYD Yuan Up aroused worldwide interest due to its proposal to be an electric SUV at an affordable cost.

Impressive Features: Modern design and efficient performance of BYD Yuan Up

Visually, the Yuan Up features BYD's signature modern design, standing out for its LED headlights interconnected by the front grille and LED taillights. With dimensions close to compact SUVs, measuring 4,31 meters long, 1,83 meters wide, 1,67 meters high and a wheelbase of 2,62 meters, the model combines style and practicality. Available in two versions in China, the SUV offers different power, with autonomy varying between 301 km and 401 km, meeting the needs of the most demanding consumers.

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BYD, SUV, automotive, electric
Photo: Reproduction Olhar Digital

The Price that Defies Logic: BYD Yuan Up Could Be the Most Affordable Electric SUV in Brazil

The great differential of BYD Yuan Up is extremely competitively priced, estimated at around R$68 in direct conversion from the Chinese market. If it arrives in Brazil, the SUV could instantly become the most affordable electric vehicle in the country, defying the logic that electric cars are synonymous with high costs. Although an update in prices for the Brazilian market is expected, BYD has already demonstrated its ability to offer good and cheap electric cars, such as the BYD Tan, which currently costs R$529.890 in Brazil.

The BYD Yuan Up is expected to land in Brazil in 2025, marking a significant change in the electric SUV scenario in the country. Although it is still in the study phase, its arrival is eagerly awaited by Brazilian consumers in search of sustainable and affordable options.

When considering the success of other BYD models, such as the Tan, which already stands out with its competitive price in the Brazilian market, the prospects for the Yuan Up are promising. The Chinese manufacturer continues to surprise, showing that it is possible to combine innovation, efficiency and affordable prices in its electric cars. While we await more official information about the launch of the BYD Yuan Up, the certainty is that BYD is ready to consolidate its presence in the Brazilian automotive market with another impressive model.

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