Home Free courses and distance learning in English, Spanish, French, Libras and Korean are offered by a Brazilian startup

Free courses and distance learning in English, Spanish, French, Libras and Korean are offered by a Brazilian startup

30/12/2023 às 19:24
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Photo: Kultivi Reproduction

Startup from Curitiba, Kultivi offers completely free distance learning language courses with guaranteed certificate, check it out and sign up now!

According to the Kultivi website, many free online courses are being offered by the Curitiba-based Kultivi, considered one of the best teaching platforms in the country. The startup from the state of Paraná offers free online language courses. In addition to language courses, Kultivi offers free online courses in other areas, with more than 5 thousand recorded classes.

Start your learning journey with Kultivi, where the diversity of free online language courses awaits you. Whether you are a beginner looking for “Basic Italian” or someone looking for “Accelerated Language Learning”, EAD courses offer an exciting range of options. Discover a flexible and free way to improve your language skills, all in the palm of your hand. With the flexibility of distance learning (EAD), you can shape your own learning path, adapting to your needs and schedule. 

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About Kultivi

Kultivi is an Edtech that produces and disseminates educational content for free to contribute to the personal and professional development of all Brazilians. The actions of the startup from Paraná are based on values ​​such as gratuitousness, quality and transparency. From the conception of the idea, Kultivi's mission is to always provide the platform user with a free way to access free, quality online content and courses. They seek to be the main study platform, and, to this end, they have a multidisciplinary team, concerned with the students' experience on the platform. startup or in the app.

Transform your linguistic life with free and certified courses: Find out more about the language courses offered

Kultivi goes beyond the conventional, offering courses that not only teach languages, but also promote inclusion, such as the “Libras: Practice and Inclusion” course. The revolutionary “English Kultivi 2.0″ is one of the many options that have been made available to increase your fluency. 

The language courses offered are:

  • English: Kultivi's Online English course features 225 classes, covering everything from the basics to advanced topics, including communication, adjectives, pronouns, verbs, dialogues, grammar and conversation, all with a different methodology.
  • Spanish: Online Spanish Course with 60 hours of classes organized to highlight the importance of the language. Content structured in thematic units, exploring contextualized grammar and vocabulary to ensure that you communicate in Spanish from the first classes.
  • French: This course has 76 classes with more than 35 hours of content, is free and has a certificate at the end.
  • Libras – Practice and Inclusion: There are 70 videos, 60 classes and 20 hours of content, with exercises and teaching aimed at practicing the language. 
  • Basic Italian: Kultivi's Online Italian Course has 36 complete classes for beginners. You will master basic communication skills, understanding words and dialogues, as well as exploring grammar, reading sentences and texts, through dialogues.
  • English Kultivi 2.0: English course lasting 72 hours. Organization of sequential classes, with new guise, and different teaching material. 
  • Introduction to Korean: Introduction to Korean is a 12-hour course that covers basic content in approximately 30 videos. The classes are focused on structuring a solid foundation, so that the student is able to master the basic contents and be able to advance in the language with greater confidence and knowledge.
  • Accelerated Language Learning: Course with a workload of 3,5 hours, there are 16 video classes that cover everything from the Pillars for building learning, to practicing the method for learning languages ​​efficiently.

Discover the universe of free online language courses offered by Kultivi. Your opportunity to improve your language skills is just a click away. Sign up now and open the doors to a world of free, flexible learning!


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