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2018 Human Resources Mailing List: Updated Contacts

4 from 2018 from September to 05: 24
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human resources email list 2018

HR companies that have been doing selection processes during the year 2018. Read the article carefully before SPAMing

Below is a small portfolio of Human Resources contacts updated in 2018 and who have been promoting selection processes. They are renowned companies that are active in the market. BUT WE WOULD LIKE TO PROVIDE AN ALERT! Do not keep sending resumes discriminately without criteria (SPAM), go to the website of each of these companies first, research a little more about them and see if they hire you and your area of ​​expertise. Usually within their own websites, they have a “WORK WITH US” or “CAREERS” tab where you can view open opportunities. Follow the list:

1. Atrativa RH –
2. Randstad –
3. Gi Group –
4. HR Opportunity –
5. RHFase –
6. Soul RH –
7. Laborare –
8. Connect HR –
9. RH e Cia –
10. Versatile Consultoria –
11. HR Access –
12. Dc Consultancy –
13. Anima –
14. Celta RH
15. Effective HR –
16. People2People –
17. HR Contact –
18. Elementais Consultoria –
19. Valor RH –
20. Circle –
21. Structure –
22. Adecco –
23. D & T Consultoria –

We would like to reinforce that the practice of SPAM does not help at all, on the contrary, it can actually bring more harm than good. Human Resources companies do not hire people randomly, there are processes and procedures to be followed. Your e-mail can be blocked both by the HR professional and by the server, in addition, you will be waiting for a response from the companies if they do not have opportunities in their areas of expertise.

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