Home Living in the United States: find out how to obtain an American visa and start working quickly and easily!

Living in the United States: find out how to obtain an American visa and start working quickly and easily!

24 April 2024 19 gies: 50
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Discover once and for all how to obtain your American visa to live and work in the United States directly and efficiently!

Getting an American visa and moving to the USA may seem like a complicated process, but with the right information, you can can get yours without any major difficulties. In this complete guide, we will show you step by step how to obtain your American visa from practical and direct way, according to the Exame website.

First: American visa! step by step to get yours today

Check below the steps necessary for you to obtain your American visa and go live in United States:

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  • 1st step – fill out form DS-160: Document that must contain information such as personal data, employment information, previous travel history to the United States and details about the planned trip;
  • 2nd step – pay the visa fee: After completing the form, you will need to pay the visa fee, which can be done online, via the Consulate website, or at authorized bank branches.
  • 3rd step – schedule the interview and visit to CASV: After the previous steps, the next step would be to schedule the interview and visit to the Visa Applicant Assistance Center (CASV) through the official website of the American consulate.
  • 4th step – collect the visa: After interview, wait for visa approval. In many cases, you can track the status of your request online and, if approved, withdraw the visa at the indicated location.

The cost of the United States visa varies between 160 and 265 dollars, depending on the type of visa requested. The most common value is U.S. dollar 160, but can reach 265 dollars for certain categories, such as fiancés or spouses of American citizens.

Tips for passing the interview to obtain your American visa at the United States consulate

Prepare properly for the interview at the American consulate is fundamental to increase your chances of obtaining a visa. Here are some tips for doing well:

  • Be congruent in your answers! Answer all questions according to the information provided in the application;
  • Be well dressed, an appropriate and respectful appearance during the interview at the American consulate
  • Be direct and objective in your answers, without stretching too much;
  • Avoid lying to immigration, always presenting true information;

And, if your visa is denied, understand the reasons for the denial of your previous visa, improve your profile and make a new attempt following the appropriate guidelines It's a great tip to finally get the document.

Living in the United States: how to get a job in the United States

To start working quickly in the USA, it is important to look for open positions in places frequented by immigrants, especially Brazilians, such as markets and agencies specialized areas, where Job opportunities.

Furthermore, one of the main ways to get a job is the importance of referring others to opportunities. Furthermore, look for a job in bakeries Brazilian women and participating in groups in evangelical churches, which can offer support networks and information about job vacancies, can be a quick way to get a job. It is also important to attend the Immigrant Center, a important resource for those seeking help with housing, food and legal guidance. 


Lastly: How to renew your United States visa?

To renew your American visa, you must fill out form DS-160 again, pay the consular fee, schedule a visit to CASV and wait for your visa to be approved. The American visa is valid for 10 years, allowing multiple entries and exits in the USA.

With this information, you are ready to begin the process of obtaining a US visa. Remember to follow each step carefully and good luck!

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