Home Maricá inaugurates an offshore passenger terminal to serve the pre-salt

Maricá inaugurates an offshore passenger terminal to serve the pre-salt

3 June 2018 to 21: 12
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Marica offshore airport

With capacity to receive 500 passengers per day to attend activities of pre-salt offshore companies, Maricá stands out

Maricá takes another important step towards its economic development. Last Monday (25) a terminal to serve passengers working in the offshore chain, in the pre-salt, was inaugurated in the city, attached to Araçatiba airport. Some say that the city will become the new El Dorado in the production chain, oil and gas logistics. In 2017, Maricá collected more than 680 million in oil royalties, leaving behind the traditional cities of Macaé and Campos dos Goytacazes.

Some Terminal Parameters

The offshore terminal supports the daily flow of 500 passengers and has a 1200-meter runway dedicated exclusively to these types of activities. These standards have been established by aviation regulatory agencies. Check below some more facilities in the internal area of ​​the terminal:

  •  VIP room
  • magazine room
  • Two meeting rooms
  • Clinic
  • Separate areas for boarding and disembarking
  • Check-in and coffee shop
  • Accessibility for people with disabilities.

Although the offshore demands in the city are happening normally, Santos Basin, Maricá airport is in the process of adapting and aligning guidelines, despite being inaugurated. There is still no scheduled date for it to be used immediately by oil and gas companies. The investments reached the mark of 10 million reais at this airport.

Band News report about the inauguration event in Maricá

Macaé is not left behind

For many years, Macaé airport has been serving only offshore logistics activities, but now it will start serving commercial flights from all over Brazil to meet the new cycle of prosperity in the city. As Macaé receives people and workers from virtually every country and even the world, this is an inevitable milestone. On April 24th, the terms were signed, and the company responsible for expanding the airport is a company from Minas Gerais (find out more here).

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