Home Unimed Nacional opens selection process with hybrid and in-person vacancies in Brazil

Unimed Nacional opens selection process with hybrid and in-person vacancies in Brazil

27/04/2024 às 10:13
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Unimed Nacional is offering more than 70 home office and face-to-face job openings

Unimed do Brasil, the largest cooperative in the health sector, has a new selection process open for candidates from various areas

The National Confederation of Medical Cooperatives – Unimed do Brasil, the largest cooperative experience in Health area across the world and also the largest healthcare network in Brazil, has a new selection process open and plans fill 14 hybrid job vacancies and face-to-face in several areas. Sign up below!

Benefits offered by Unimed in its new selection process

  • Food vouchers;
  • Meal ticket;
  • Health insurance;
  • Life insurance;
  • Private Pension;
  • Pharmacy Agreement;
  • Dental Insurance;
  • Daycare/Nanny Assistance;

Check out the job vacancies offered by Unimed below

Occupational Safety Technician

As an occupational safety technician, you must analyze, based on legislation criteria, the irregularities found in customers during technical visits, informing and guiding those responsible and reporting them through reports, carrying out measurements, according to methodology, of the occupational hazards found in the work environment and prepare technical reports on the risks and risk situations found based on current legislation and others.

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Market Intelligence Assistant

In this role, you will have to interact with the company's internal customers, aiming to identify their needs for appropriate referral to the market development team, organize training and workshops for the market development team with individuals, carry out scheduling and referrals of payments to the financial and controlling team, related to the expenses of the Market Development team, maintain the shared folder constantly updated, assist other team members in preparing materials to serve Singles and Federations.


  • Senior Strategic Information Analyst
  • Business Analyst in IT PL
  • Junior IT Project Analyst
  • Junior Occupational Health Analyst (Contracts)
  • Senior Occupational Health Analyst (Accreditation)
  • Pl Information Security Analyst (Governance)
  • Senior DevOps Analyst
  • People Management Assistant – Affirmative for Persons with Disabilities
  • Market Intelligence Assistant
  • Occupational Health Assistant (Service)
  • Occupational Health Assistant (Occupational Safety)
  • Occupational Safety Technician (Temporary)

Registration UNIMED selection process 

These and many others Unimed job vacancies can be found on the company's career website on the Gupy platform or on the company's LinkedIn. If you do not find any opportunity that fits your profile, it is important to mention that Unimed still has a talent bank for CV registration.

When selecting the desired opportunity, the candidate must pay attention to the requirements, duties and other information provided by the company.


Those who are approved in the job openings in the selection process will have benefits to take care of physical health, social health, emotional and mental health and professional health, with health insurance, dental insurance, pharmacy, psychological support program for employees, area for rest and decompression, meal vouchers, food, transportation or parking and much more. 

It is important to mention that, at Unimed, diversity matters. The company values ​​differences, people with disabilities, pluralities of race, color, religion, gender and gender identity, nationality, sexual or age orientations, as it believes in the importance of cooperating, sharing different ideas and points of view.

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