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New Toyota pickup confirmed! Toyota Stout promises to sell more than popcorn in cinemas and beat Toro, Ranger and Titano

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 14/06/2024 às 22:16
New Toyota pickup confirmed! Toyota Stout promises to sell more than popcorn in cinemas and beat Toro, Ranger and Titano
Toyota Stout / Photo: A1 Cars

Toyota's new pickup truck, called Stout, will soon hit the market with the promise of surpassing Toro in sales. Toyota Stout offers advanced technologies and high performance.

Discover everything about Toyota's new compact pickup truck, designed to compete directly with the Fiat Toro. Named Toyota Stout, this pickup is being developed in collaboration with several divisions of the Japanese brand around the world. In this article, we explore the details of the project and what to expect from this launch that promises to shake up the pickup truck market.

Attractive design of Toyota's new pickup truck is based on the Yaris Cross and Corolla

There are rumors pointing out that the new Toyota Stout pickup truck project will come to life here in Brazil, in the State of São Paulo and very interesting news that was released by Youtuber Edilson Santos is that this new Toyota pickup truck will have rear-wheel drive, different from the Montana and others pickup trucks that have front-wheel drive.

This development is excellent and helps to reinforce the positioning of a model with a more “roots” appeal. It is important to mention that, here, the new Toyota Stout compact pickup truck will be built with a unibody chassis, instead of the traditional spar chassis.

Analyzing the design, which looks very similar to RAV4, the front end is tall and robust and is based on Toyota's next design coming to Brazil, that is, the Yaris Cross, which has a design very similar to that of the new pickup truck.

Possible engines for the new Stout pickup truck

Talking about possible engines, the media and experts are expecting a hybrid configuration, the same Powertrain as the Rav4. However, there are other opinions stating that this will not be the configuration, as the model will be very expensive compared to its main competitors.

The new Toyota Stout pickup truck could be launched globally, just like its bigger sister, the Hilux. If Stout adopts the RAV4's powertrain, its price could be equal to or even higher than that of the Hilux, which would not offer an advantage in opting for this model.

There are suspicions that Toyota plans a hybrid version of the Stout, focused on urban use, following the strategy adopted with the Corolla Cross SUV, without including all-wheel drive.

Furthermore, it is expected that Toyota may use the same hybrid configuration as the Corolla crossHowever, there is also a focus on another version that could perhaps be a diesel configuration for Brazil. However, this should happen if another pickup arrives with this same engine here in Brazil. This configuration would feature a 2.4 Turbodiesel engine.

What is the estimated price of the new Toyota pickup truck?

It is important to mention that the model has already been launched previously, being a commercial vehicle sold on the world market between 1954 and 2000, but now it will be a unibody mid-size pickup truck. Toyota's new pickup truck will probably have the TNGA GA-C modular platform, the same as the Corolla Cross, allowing it to be produced in various places around the world, including Brazil.

According to projections, among the equipment of the new Toyota pickup truck, one of the highlights of the new model could be the multimedia system with a high-definition touch screen, with a new voice assistant that is supposedly capable of helping to control certain functions. of the car (climate control, audio system, etc.).

The price of Toyota's new pickup truck could be similar to that of the Corolla Cross Hybrid, which starts at just over US$ 27 thousand, something around R$ 132 thousand, in direct conversionThe. However, this price may be higher depending on the model's arrival date.

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