Home The Institute of Nautical Sciences is receiving CVs from Maritimes

The Institute of Nautical Sciences is receiving CVs from Maritimes

29 from 2018 to 11 at 13: XNUMX
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maritime vacancies maranhão

ICNMA Polo Maranhão invites all professionals with maritime training to register their resumes

Good news for Brazilian maritime professionals, the Institute of Nautical Sciences (ICNMA) announced that it has vacancies available for seafarers, but did not specify what these opportunities would be, so let's consider that professionals in all formations of this modality may be applying. We are going to list some of the positions inherent to this sector, if any are missing please let us know in the message field of one of our social networks.

Qualified professionals to apply

Seamanship official
deck sailor
cabin boy
Cabotage master
Chief engineer
Machinery Officer
Machine Driver
crane operator
DP Operator (Dynamic Positioning)
Control Room Operator

There are some ways to send your CV's, pay close attention not to make mistakes, we'll leave the sources for consultation.

  • Phone: The telephone contact is from the DDD of Maranhão, the number is (098) 3255-0299
  • Address: R Aririzal, 97, Cond Italia Res Quadra2, Turu, Sao Luis- MA, CEP 65066265, Brazil
  • Email: The person responsible for the official portal released the following email:

These are the contacts we were able to capture for this article for seafarers, let's contact ICNMA directly on its Linkedin portal to verify the information. Good luck everyone and let us know when you are contacted.  +You might like: SIEM Offshore wins 2 more PSV'S contracts in Brazil, check it out here.

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