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Steelmaker announced more than 1000 jobs in 2018

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In an official statement, Usiminas said it will resume the steel industry in Ipatinga and Alto do Jequitinhonha. More than 1000 vacancies.

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]After going through great difficulties, the Usiminas begins to have its prelude to a positive turn. The company realized that the moment to generate jobs has reappeared and it must hire about a thousand workers for undertakings in Ipatinga, in Vale do Aço and in Serra Azul, in Alto do Jequitinhonha. It is also targeting the international market.

In the Ipatinga region, 520 jobs will be opened, 500 temporary and the rest for operating machinery after the works are completed, this is all scheduled for April 2018.

Another undertaking recently resumed was the Usimnas double mining plant in Serra Azul. The focus will be to maximize the company's mineral extraction by more than 24% and export to the international market.

The company has been gaining momentum in the national steel industry step by step, but this recovery is for the medium and long term, with the best moment in the sector being in 2013.

“We will only consume the same volume again in 2028”, highlighted the president of Usiminas, Sérgio Leite, during the presentation of the company's numbers to the parliamentarians at the Legislative Assembly of Minas Gerais (ALMG), yesterday.

According to the businessman, there was a 30% decline in steel ore transactions in the period between 2014 and 2016, and this year the indicators show an increase of 5%.

In addition to this crisis that affects the sector, the shareholders are in a real “take-for-all” to decide who will take over Usiminas once and for all. The protagonists of this fight are Ternium Technint and Nippon Steel. Sério Leite did not want to compromise and said: “I have a good relationship with both sides”. Source: Nowadays

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