Home Technicians and engineers are invited: 123 vacancies in an engineering company for offshore work

Technicians and engineers are invited: 123 vacancies in an engineering company for offshore work

24 May 2017 to 16: 01
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Jobs for technicians and engineers today

After winning a large contract, technicians and engineers are required by a large company in the offshore industry.

It's not sensationalism. engineering company opened opportunities for technicians and engineers in offshore and onshore activities. The requirements are very strict, so be very careful before applying, as the contractor (Petrobras) is the one who demands the assignments for each position.

But first of all, learn a little about the company's history and its portfolio of services, because in any job interview you will be asked what the vacancy is about and what is the main segment it operates.

Its main base is located in Bahia, but currently it operates in all Brazilian states. Its team of professionals is made up of technicians, engineers, consultants and analysts, always up to date on market trends and ready to perform activities in any work environment, regardless of whether it is onshore or offshore.

This company was created at first to serve the Petrochemical Complex of Camaçari, because the region demanded a lot of specialized services. A group of engineers founded the company, providing great technological and operational expertise in the region. Nowadays, this company holds 116 projects in full activity in varied ramifications in the industrial segment.

What is the name of the company and what are the vacancies?

The company's name is Qualidados, a company specialized in project management, maintenance shutdowns and planning for more than 20 years in the market. Open positions at Qualidados are for:

  • Planning Technician
  • Environmental engineer
  • Planning Engineer
  • Production Control Engineer

For all technical positions, it will be necessary to register with CREA, 1 year of experience in companies in the oil sector, knowledge of computers and SAP systems.

Now for engineering opportunities, a higher education in the functions listed above is mandatory. The other qualifications are equivalent to the technical level.

If you fit the qualifications and assignments above, send your resume now to, stating the job title in the subject.

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