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Triumphal return of the new Ford Ecosport 2025: pioneering compact SUV will be back, fully revised and technological

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 22/05/2024 às 18:04
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Ford EcoSport returns with new generation as BYD launches off-road luxury SUV in Brazil

This week, the automotive segment is full of exciting news. Among the highlights, Ford announces the return of the 2025 Ford EcoSport with a new generation, and BYD prepares the launch of its luxury SUV, Leopard 05, in Brazil. Keep track of all the details of these significant updates.

After being shelved in India during the pandemic, the new generation of Ford EcoSport will finally get off the ground, with plans to supply the European market. With registered patents and a modern look, the new EcoSport 2025 promises to be one of the most attractive SUVs in its segment.

Cutting-edge design and technology in the new Ford Ecosport

The new 2025 Ford EcoSport features an aggressive front, with full LED optics and 18-inch wheels. The modernized rear eliminates the hanging spare tire, replaced by interconnected LED flashlights for a black piano track. O interior follows the Puma design, compact SUV from Ford, with a sophisticated and spacious layout, surpassing the previous model derived from the Fiesta.

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Under the hood, the new Ford EcoSport will initially offer a 1.5 Turbo mild hybrid engine, combined with a complete and advanced driver assistance package (ADAS). Safety, a priority for the demanding European market, will also be a highlight of this model, scheduled for 2025.

BYD Leopard 05: Luxury and Off-Road Performance

BYD, known for its innovations in the automotive market, has registered a new sub-brand called Feng Sheng Bao, or Leopard. The first model in this line, the Leopard 05, will be launched in Brazil in 2025.

Inspired by models like the Ford Bronco Sport and the Jeep Wrangler, the Leopard 05 is a Medium to large SUV, common robust and square design. Intended to compete with vehicles like the Discovery Sport, the Leopard 05 combines luxury and off-road capability, offering a complete package for SUV enthusiasts.

The Leopard 05 will be equipped with a 430 horsepower plug-in hybrid engine, promising a impressive range of up to 1.000 km with full load and tank. With estimated prices above R$300.000, this luxury SUV will be a milestone in BYD's offering in Brazil.

Additional Automotive Market Highlights

In addition to the launches by Ford and BYD, other automakers also announced important news:

  • Stellantis announced investments in the electrification of Fiat vehicles in Brazil. The new STLA Small platform will be used for small models, including the Pulse and Fastback, which will adopt a 1.0 Turbo Flex mild hybrid engine, promising to reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%.
  • Volkswagen is offering discounts of up to R$74.239 on Amarok 2024, while preparing a significant facelift for the pickup truck. With a 3.0 horsepower 6 V258 Turbo Diesel engine, the new restyled Amarok will arrive in Brazil between June and July 2024.
  • The Jeep Commander Limited continues to stand out as one of the best seven-seat options on the market, offering cutting-edge technology, including 10-inch multimedia, electric seats, and ACC system.

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