Home Do you want to earn more than R$100 thousand per month? Discover the 9 professions that are guaranteeing three-digit monthly salaries

Do you want to earn more than R$100 thousand per month? Discover the 9 professions that are guaranteeing three-digit monthly salaries

20 April 2024 18 gies: 46
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Have you ever thought about earning R$100 per month? ship pilot, notary holder and other professionals are able to achieve this. Check out!

There are several professions in Brazil where it is possible to achieve monthly salaries above R$ 100 thousand. Although these opportunities are more restricted, they exist and can be a realistic goal for those seeking the professional success, according to the Meu Valor Digital website. Check out the list of 9 professions that give excellent returns now!

Notary holder

Professionals holding notary offices are among the professionals better paid of the public sector. With the requirement of Brazilian citizenship, law degree and impeccable conduct record, these professionals can earn more than R$100 thousand per month, depending on the volume of notary services they manage.

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Directors of large companies

Professional directors of large corporations, such as multinationals and conglomerates, also have salaries that often exceed the national average. In sectors such as luxury retail, general manager jobs can earn around R$ 100 thousand reais per month.

Specialized doctors

While the average salary of a doctor is between R$10 thousand and R$13 thousand, doctors in specialized fields or who manage their own clinics can achieve extremely high earnings. For example, cosmetic surgeons may charge R $ 12 thousand to R $ 20 thousand per procedure, which can result in monthly earnings exceeding R$100.

Ship pilots

The ship pilot profession is extremely lucrative, with salaries that can vary between 50 to 300 thousand reais per month, depending on the number of operations performed.

Senior corporate lawyers

Professional lawyers specializing in corporate law who work in large offices law practice or as consultants for multinational corporations often receive salaries that surpass R$ 100 thousand reais per month.

Information technology executives

Professional CTOs or technology directors who work at large technology companies often have salaries that exceed R$ 100 thousand reais per month.

Financial market experts

Although the average salary of this professional is not that high, financial market specialists who deal with large volumes trading or hold senior positions in financial consultancies may win more of R$ 100 thousand reais per month.

Federal judges

In addition to the high base salary, professional federal judges accumulate additional payments for length of service, housing allowances and other benefits, which can make the total monthly remuneration exceed R$ 100 thousand reais.

Investment banking executives

Professionals who hold executive positions in investment banks often receive remuneration that outweigh R$ 100 thousand reais per month, due to the large transactions and responsibilities they assume.

While achieving these salaries is challenging, these professions demonstrate that it is possible win a lot legally and ethically, just with hard work and dedication. If you are looking for a career with high earning potential, considering these professions could be a good start.

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