Home Petrobras can now build a hull abroad and the Brazilian naval industry takes a hard hit

Petrobras can now build a hull abroad and the Brazilian naval industry takes a hard hit

5 October 2017 to 17: 43
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ANP releases Petrobras

The ANP just exempted Petrobras from building a pound hull in Brazil because the cost here is 40% more expensive. Unions protest.

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]Petrobras managed to get the ANP (National Agency of Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels) to release it from the national local content rules for the Libra field, in the pre-salt layer. The Brazilian naval sector soon mobilized in protests and is going to contribute with resources to try to revert this situation, which is at the forefront of this battle is Sérgio Bacci, vice-president of Sinaval.

What happens, yesterday (4), the ANP decided to release Petrobras to contract FPSO hull construction services in the Campo de Libra project anywhere in the world, that is, how to build abroad is much cheaper than in Brazil because of the tax burden, naturally the state-owned company will want to build this and other projects abroad, more precisely in China, where the economy exceeds 40%.

According to the deputy at Sinaval, the issue is that no body has consulted any shipyards to find out if they would be able to build this hull or not. The union requested all documentation from the Libra Consortium to understand why and what was the basis that the ANP used to make this decision without consultation. After the technical evaluation, Bacci will take the appropriate legal measures to revert this situation.

Petrobras, in an official statement, said that it is happy with the ANP's decision because, consequently, this attitude will bring competitiveness to the Brazilian oil industry.

It does not pay to build in Brazil

In April of this year, a public hearing was held regarding the flexibility of local content, Petrobras said that if it fully complied with all the rules, producing oil in Campo de Libra would be 40% more expensive. She also reinforced that this is a consequence of the large tax burden that the country (Brazil) imposes on the besieged oil companies here. In China, for example, labor fines and taxes on services are much cheaper, completely unlike in Brazil. Source: G1

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