Home Bolsonaro, Haddad and the oil and gas sector: What to expect from the next president

Bolsonaro, Haddad and the oil and gas sector: What to expect from the next president

6 October 2018 to 18: 27
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Bolsonaro Haddad oil

Whether Haddad or Bolsonaro, get to know their main characteristics and government plans for the oil and gas sector in 2019

An eventual result of the ballot boxes awarding Fernando Haddad, representative of the Workers' Party, or Jair Bolsonaro of the Social Liberal Party, should bring definitions to the currently weakened Brazilian oil and gas industry. It is worth remembering that all of this mainly depends on a strategic decision by our future head of state. Before we cite the pros and cons of the victory that each candidate can bring, we will talk about the beginning of national content.

In 1999, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, then president of Brazil, following the example of countries such as England and Norway, during the first bidding round for exploratory blocks, imposed a requirement for national content that would later be substantially reduced by the CNPE resolution. At the. 7 of April 11, 2017, which had significant impacts on our supply chain.

Fernando Haddad

The Brazilian people, more precisely the 13,2 million unemployed, yearn for definitions and in a possible referral of the presidential sash to Haddad, it is expected that the much talked about national content will return to levels that leverage the development of the market, in addition to supporting each other in memory of Lula's first term campaign (2003) when he brought construction contracts back to the country, for example, for the P51 and P52 platforms.

Well, that would be the positive point, but the negative would be the fear that such a resumption of the naval industry and with many contracts to be negotiated, would bring back the ghost of corruption, after all the effort of the car wash operation, it would really not be good to see the country go back down paths as unwanted as the ones we've been through in the last 4 years.

Jair Messiah Bolsonaro

In another scenario, with Bolsanaro climbing the plateau ramp on January 1, 2019 as president, judging by the government plan, the privatization of Petrobras is expected so that there is free competition in the internal market, lowering the cost of fuel and its inputs, with the state focused on the areas of education, health and safety, we would finally have the efficiency so dreamed of by Brazilians.

The negative side is that without the intervention of the state, the approval of existing requests for the revision of local content (down according to their government plan) is expected by the oil companies that won the bids and why not say even a significant increase in these requests. The repetition of the current scenario in which the Japanese MODEC winner of the Libra field contracted only one topside module in Brazil (at Brasfels in Angra dos Reis) is a nightmare that workers in the shipbuilding industry do not want to continue to have in a new government .

Whether Haddad or Bolsonaro, in 2019, once again, Brazilians are filled with hope of having a stronger oil and gas industry, a stronger country, as the strength of our democracy is increasingly proven.

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